Thursday, September 01, 2016

Oh Jamie's Italian

It has been some time since my last blog post. While the grazing has not dampened, the demands of my new job meant I had to choose pushing out posts on Instagram (@thehungrycow) than crafting blog posts. Moohehe. But I do miss blogging. And there's only so mooch one can express with 140 characters!

But I digress.

Being a fan of Jamie Oliver's TV shows, I was quite excited to try out his restaurant, Jamie's Italian, when it opened in Singapore. But alas. The visit somehow didn't materialize until one recent day, long after the opening hype subsided.

It was a Sunday dinner with the famooly at Jamie's Italian Vivo City.

Served hot from the oven, the white-based Pizza (~$24.50) was eagerly snapped up by us hungry people. Notes of cheese and herbs punctuated with the earthiness from the mushrooms made this white pizza delicious. I like that the pizza base was slightly chewy and not overly thin.

Another winner was the Tagliatelle Bolognese ($26) with its ribbons of pasta swaddled with a rich pork and beef sauce, and dotted with bread crumbs for texture. What was disappointing was the Italian Steak & Fries ($29.50). The thin, straggly pieces of dead cow were miserable and more expected from a local BBQ party than from the kitchen of a proper restaurant. And a celebrity chef restaurant at that.

To fix the disappointed feelings we had, we opted for some antioxidant boost in the form of the Super Food Salad ($18.50). Moohehe. Containing grilled avocado, candied beets, pulses, grains, pomegranate, broccoli, cottage cheese, nuts, grains and harissa, this was a salad that offered a variety of flavours and textures. All it needed was a fat pinch of salt to really bring out its flavours. 

Because desserts are not quite our thing, we ordered up a bread basket. Moohehe. We got tempted by the attractive display of bread in the centre of the restaurant lah. Pity it wasn't worth ordering. Let's just say the Artisan Bread Basket ($7.50) tasted anything but artisan.

It was a night of hits and misses. Oh Jamie's. Maybe we'll just stick to pizzas and pastas the next time.

Vivo City
1 HarbourFront Walk
#01-165 to 167
Tel:  6733 5500