Friday, March 04, 2016

Reliving Memoories at Hot Stones

I have fond memoories of Hot Stones back in the days when it was a novel concept to cook your choice of seafood and meats on a sizzling rock placed on the dining table. But it has been eons since my last meal there so imagine my excitement when we booked a table to relive those memoories with my Taiwanese uncle and his family who were in town. They too, had several enjoyable experiences there many years ago.

My order of US Black Angus Ribeye Steak ($60) came with my selected side dish of salad. The beef was quite lean but had a lovely beefy flavour and good bite. The hot slab of volcanic stone meant one could cook to one's preferred "doneness". Thankfully, the stone was changed halfway through the meal to ensure there was sufficient heat for cooking. 
We shared an additional order of Tiger Prawns ($10 for 5 pieces). The medium-sized prawns arrived without shells and were springy a la crystal prawns at Chinese restaurants. I wished they kept the shells on though as that would have added mooch aroma and flavour. Imagine the fragrance of prawn shells sizzling on a hot lightly oiled rock! Moohehe.

That evening's libation was a bottle of Marrenon Les Grains Merlot 2013 (~$78), a 100% Merlot from Luberon, France. It was simple and quite enjoyable with a soft, smooth mouth feel and black and red fruits on the nose and palate.    
Given the challenging F&B industry and with the constant closure of many eateries, I am happy that Hot Stones is still around. It might be alive but it's not kicking mooch anymore. Portions seem to have shrunk a little while prices have increased which is understandable with rising costs over the years. But something has got to be done about the poor service. I cringe when I think of tourists who have to be put through such service, giving them an experience that is memoorable for all the wrong reasons.
And why do two people have to share one hot stone now? :(  

Hot Stones
3D River Valley Road
Clarke Quay
Tel: 6333 4868

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