Tuesday, March 08, 2016

Lady Ma Ma Macadamia Nuts Tart is Da Bomb

Like a chili padi, this Lady Ma Ma Macadamia Nuts Tart is small and packs a punch. But unlike a chili padi, this tartlet won't make you cry. Or actually I might cry because I finished the last one and there is no moore. Moohehe.
My Taiwanese uncle brought these for us when he recently visited and what scrumptious little tarts these were! Crunchy macadamia nuts set atop a crumbly tart base, the whole damn thing sang a beautiful song with caramel, maple syrup notes and a hint of salt.
If only they made huge ass versions of this. Moohehe.
Chew On This: These small, individually-wrapped tarts come in a packaging shaped like a lady's handbag. I'm no fashionista but the packaging's design is certainly modelled after Burberry's signature print. LOL. 

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