Wednesday, March 02, 2016

Delicious Dry Kway Teow


For a stall that only sells fish ball noodles, the fish balls are pretty average- uniformly sized, slightly fishy and bouncy. But that accompanying bowl of dry kway teow with punchy chilli and bits of ground dried sole that coat each strand like magic umami dust rocks! Spicy, savoury and delightful to slurp.
Boon Hiang Fishball Tang Hoon
Haig Road Market & Food Centre
Chew On This: For those who have always laughed at ordering chicken rice don't want chicken, you can order fish ball noodles don't want fish balls here! Moohehe. $1.50 will get one a bowl of kosong noodles sans fish balls. And judging by how tasty their dry kway teow is, I might just do that the next time.

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