Saturday, March 12, 2016

A Taste of Taiwan at Seasonal Tastes, The Westin Singapore

For a taste of Taiwanese delights without having to catch a plane out of Singapore, head to Seasonal Tastes at The Westin Singapore. Available for dinner ($78 per adult) for a limited time from 6 to 10 March and 13 to 17 March, Sous Chef Daniel Chen from W Taipei presents a slew of Taiwanese dishes on the buffet table.

Expect signature favourites like Oyster Vermicelli aka Orh Ah Mee Sua. Its soup was slightly thick and savoury with the flavour of bonito flakes. Just fish around for hidden oysters in the pot. Moohehe.

Another hot, comforting soupy dish to try is the Vegetable, Pork Strip, Crispy Fried Egg Soup. Almoost like a stew, this Taiwanese geng (羹) featured strips of bamboo, spring onions, black mushrooms and slivers of fatty pork for a flavoursome delight.

Fried chicken from one of Taiwan's many night markets is a favourite snack. Here, it takes the form of Taiwanese Popcorn Chicken. Try to catch this when it is freshly dished out. Spicy, salty and peppery, it was tasty though I think it could be crispier and, depending on which part of the chicken one gets, more tender. 

Being the cannibalistic cow that I am, I definitely had to go for the Taiwanese Braised Beef Noodle Soup. Moohehe. Love the chewy noodles in the heady beef soup. Some of my friends at the table felt it was spicy though personally, it leaned towards the sweet side.

Though the focus is on Taiwanese dishes, the buffet line up also includes seafood on ice, sashimi, salad, cheeses, grilled meats and seafood and a small selection of Indian dishes. Hurray for variety! I went back for a third helping of the yummy mashed potatoes. #JiakKantang. Moohehe.

For desserts, enjoy a spread of Nonya kueh, cakes, chocolates (love the dark ones with nuts), gelato and the Taiwanese specials of Peanut Mochi and Sweet Potato & Taro Balls. I like the latter, a piping hot bowl of chewy sweet potato and taro nuggets in a lightly sweetened syrup of dates and wolfberries. Reminded me a little of a similar dessert I had in a recent trip to Jiu Fen.

And finally, wash everything down with Taiwan's quintessential beverage- Bubble Tea! There are a few flavours to choose from and their mini size makes it handy to try them all.

I was secretly hoping for Taiwanese Mala, Sesame Oil Chicken, Ai Yu, Chong You Bing (especially since Chef Daniel hails from Yilan!), Smelly Bean Curd and Taiwan Draft Beer but I guess these would have to wait until my next trip to Taiwan.

Thank you The Westin Singapore for the invitation.

Seasonal Tastes
Level 32
The Westin Singapore
12 Marina View, Asia Square Tower 2
Tel: 6922 6968

Chew On This: Check with them for complimentary car park coupons for diners! 

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