Thursday, February 11, 2016

This Hungry Cow Loves the Lunar New Year! Moohehe

In a twinkling of an eye, Santa Claus gives way to Cai Shen Ye while mandarin oranges become the fruit du jour. But it's still no less jolly a season and there's plenty of festive goodies and memoorable meals, such as the sumptuous steamboat reunion dinner, with friends and family. This year I made it a point to learn to make an "express" version of Mum's mala soup. Moohehe.  

Speaking of famooly, I bought 8 (huat ah!) jars of pineapple tarts from Yan Ting as gifts for my uncles and aunties in the spirit of sharing the cowleries love.

We received some yummy gifts too like this beautiful box of radish cake, XO sauce and vintage puer tea from the Ritz Carlton Hong Kong's Tin Lung Heen. 

An epic Lo Hei or Yu Sheng tossed at home saw flying shreds of ginger, carrot and abalone, and missing chopsticks. Moohehe.

I love my moother's homemade popiah but I guess a friend loved it even moore when he "walloped" 8 rolls! Plus we even had steamboat at the same time. LOL.

The 15 days of the lunar new year will soon pass but hack. Here's to a bright year of prosperity, happiness, good health and moore good eats!

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