Monday, February 15, 2016

Antoinette Launches the Salted Egg Lava Croissant

Moove aside truffle (and truffle-flavoured food). It seems the next trendy thing now is salted egg yolk. Not too long ago, salted duck eggs were usually eaten with plain porridge and also during the Mid Autumn Festival when stuffed into mooncakes. Then it became a favourite at dim sum eateries with Liu Sha Bao, and a popular staple on any cza char menu with ingredients like prawns, sotong and chicken coated with salted egg yolk sauce. Today, a new wave of salted egg yolk madness breaks into the Singapore dining scene with cafes and bakeries churning out croissants filled with the golden liquid. 
I awoke pretty early one Monday moorning to break my salted egg yolk croissant virginity and try to understand the craze. Chef Pang, one of Singapore's top pastry chefs, had created his version at Antoinette. His Salted Egg Lava Croissant ($6.50) made with French butter was a flaky delight that hid a core of gently oozy salted egg lava. The experience was a rather novel one for me. I like the slightly gritty texture of the salted egg lava and its rich melange of savoury and sweet flavours.
This cow-leries bomb might be a bit heavy so share this with someone or have the whole thing to yourself like I did, accompanied with a big cup of hot tea. After that, it is best to have a nap. Moohehe.  

The Salted Egg Lava Croissant is available daily in limited quantities from 11am at Antoinette Penhas Road and from 1pm at its other two outlets, while stocks last.

Now let's see if McDonald's will do a Hum Dan Shaker Fries. LOL.

Thank you Antoinette and Gastro-Sense for the invitation.

30 Penhas Road  (other outlets at Mandarin Gallery & Sofitel SoSingapore)
Tel: 6293 3121

Chew On This: Chef Pang shares that he soaks the salted egg yolks in brandy to rid them of any fishy pong before making this golden lava with simply salted egg yolks, sugar and milk.

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