Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Xin Cuisine's Chinese New Year Specialties

Xin Cuisine at the Holiday Inn Singapore Atrium serves up festive specialties in celebration of the Lunar New Year of the Monkey. Usher in a prosperous new year with the Yusheng with Salmon, Bamboo Clam and Champagne Dressing ($148 for large) from the lunar new year a la carte menu. Bite into lots of thinly shredded veggies, springy bamboo clams and salmon doused with a well-balanced dressing which offered sweet and tangy notes. 

For lunch, specially made festive Dim Sum are also available. My favourite was the moreish Deep-fried Mussel Stuffed with Shrimp Paste. I also enjoyed the delicate and sweet Steamed Xiao Long Bao with Crab Meat though the Steamed Seafood Dumpling with Cordyceps seemed to be on the stodgy side without much discernible cordyceps flavour. Lastly, the Pan-fried Yam and Pumpkin Cake smeared with a smidgen of chilli sauce and topped with fried silver fish should please most palates. All the above are $12 for 3 pieces and only available during lunch except the latter which retails at $48 and is for takeaways.  

My personal star dish of the evening was this- Xin's Traditional Pen Cai ($368 for 10 persons) available for both a la carte dine-in orders and takeaways. Its bevy of seafood, like prawns, dried oysters and abalones, together with meats such as roast pork and roast duck braised in a delicious sauce sang a beautiful tune together. This indulgent pot makes for a wonderful meal with hopes of abundance for the new year. I am quite sure I dreamt of this Pen Cai later that night. Moohehe. 

Never mind that no one says "Year Year Got Crab". Moohaha. Do yourself a favour and order the Braised Vermicelli with Crab, Ginger and Onion (market price). The sweetness of the crab and the classic 姜葱 combination of ginger and spring onions made for a delectable dish. One-day advance order is required.

It is unfortunate that sometimes all it takes is for one small thing to ruin a good dish. There was an unpleasant taste of rancid oil that lingered after I took a few bites of the Wok-fried Glutinous Rice with Preserved Meat ($48 for large). Needless to say, it was disappointing. :(

End off dinner with Xin's Traditional Nian Gao ($10 for 3 pieces) which spotted a crisp batter and delightfully chewy interior. Those who enjoy double-boiled snow pear can also opt for the Double-boiled Snow Pear with Osmanthus and Snow Fungus ($15 per person).
Lunar New Year specialties are available at Xin Cuisine from 7 to 22 February 2015. More details here.
Thank you Holiday Inn Singapore Atrium for the invitation.

Xin Cuisine
Level 4
Holiday Inn Singapore Atrium
Tel: 6731 7173

Chew On This: Feast with family, friends or even colleagues and business associates at Xin Cuisine's cosy private rooms or ballroom which can host up to 440 guests!

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