Monday, January 18, 2016

Old School Chicken Rice & Steamboat at Yet Con

My old dear friend Hushie is leaving on yet another exciting long trip. But before she satisfies her wanderlust, we sorted out the chicken rice lust. Moohehe. We returned to Yet Con for some old school chicken rice and steamboat in a place filled with character and old Singapore soul.
The Chicken Rice featured a chicken that had a good bite and flavour without the heavy lashings of soy sauce and sesame oil, a piquant chilli sauce with minced ginger, super thick dark soy sauce and a chicken-and-fried-shallot-oil perfumed rice. It was pretty satisfying.
For the steamboat, we requested for no beef as a friend really likes cows and does not eat them. Moohehe. An assorted platter of prawns, sotong, pork, pig's liver, fishballs, vegetables and an egg provided variety and the ingredients which went into the rather bland steamboat broth (I suspect MSG).    
The disappointment on the table was the Roast Pork. We settled for it as the Hainanese Pork Chop was sold out. The pieces of roast pork turned out dry and tough. The perky bits of preserved vegetables and dark soy sauce that accompanied it could not resuscitate the dish. 

I hope Yet Con survives and thrives, and never changes its look or food. Love its old school feel of a different bygone era of Singapore.

Have a good trip, Hushie and Jon! And see you guys when you get back. Moojong time! :D

Yet Con
25 Purvis Street
Opens: 10am to 10pm

Chew On This: The barley drink served here is made from a cordial. Not home-brewed. Have to give this heads up here after friends at the table said why I no tell them earlier. LOL.

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