Thursday, December 03, 2015

Post Moojong Cze Char Dinner with Happy Juice

It's become almoost like a little ritual- cze char dinner at Simpang Bedok after an afternoon of moojong. Some members of The League have hands that will itch from time to time which only the dragging and clanging of moojong tiles on the table can soothe. Moohehe.

While moojong accommodates only 4 people, cze char welcomes moore so it was a perfect dinner arrangement with friends who were not involved in the game. Plus we can bring some happy (fermented) juice for our dining pleasure!

A table full of simple cze char dishes is a happy sight. We enjoyed a tasty Prawn Omelette, soft Homemade Tofu with a minced pork sauce, Pork Ribs King, Sambal Sweet Potato Leaves and Salted Egg Chicken, which was a sinfully scrumptious combination of fried chicken and that unmistakably savoury punch of salted egg.

The bill worked out to about $10 per pax, excluding wines.

For the wines, it was a night of Cabernets from different countries and vintages. From left to right:

1) Gerard Bertrand Organic Cabernet Sauvignon 2011 from the South of France
- Black fruits, dash of herbs, rounded mouthfeel and firm but smooth tannins
- Fruit-forward but quite balanced. Pretty enjoyable!

2) Tsantali Organic Cabernet Sauvignon 2003 from Greece
- Rather sweet on the nose and palate with notes of Ribena, cherries, incense
- Acid waning probably due to age   

3) Ochagavia 1851 Cabernet Sauvignon Reserva 2012 from Chile
- Young, firm structure and most tannic of what we had
- Moore enjoyable with meats
- Blackberries with a bit of capsicum on the nose

Hock Lai Heng Restaurant
294 Bedok Road (Simpang Bedok)
Opens: 11am to 2pm; 5pm to 11pm

Chew On This: Feel free to BYO wines (and glasses) here! No corkage. :)

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