Friday, December 25, 2015

Moo-rry Christmas!

It's my favourite time of the year- Christmas! Preparations for the family feast and singing carols and praise & worship songs after a hearty makan always make this occasion a memorable one. Celebrating Jesus, the true reason for the season.
This year we did a potluck. And what a sumptuous spread that turned out to be! Ham, roast pork with crackling, salad with home-cured salmon, grilled prawns, shepherd's pie (by the strongest member of the famooly. Moohehe), log cake, fruits, pasta, onion soup (yay! the first food contribution by the younger cousins), cheeses, roast duck and an excellent roast beef by the sis! No need for special wagyu or Angus or grain/grass-fed or wet/dry-aged, this was a non-fancy Aussie Striploin cooked perfectly and with love.
Besides the salad, I opted to do a pasta and decided to keep it a simple one given the plenty of meats on the table already. Buccatini with tomato sauce, basil and garlic infused olive oil, chilli, toasted pine nuts and fresh basil.
At another party (which happened to be really near my place. LOL), a group of foodies and bloggers gathered for again, potluck. We happily dug into beef bourguignon and mashed potato (French butter hor), a moost delicious Turmeric Turkey from Crowne Plaza Changi Airport, cold cuts, cheeses, pizzas, sugee cake, shepherd's pie, potato chips, salad, fruits (in a basket shaped from an actual melon!), pan-fried prawns with mushy peas, and a sweet onion and cheese dip.      
We also had a sparkling liquid diet and a bottle of port-like Greek dessert wine. Moohehe.
Here are the pan-fried prawns with mushy peas I made. It's a very easy dish to whip up. I'll share its recipe and also that of the above mentioned pasta in upcoming blog posts. :)

Last but not least, a Christmas party at Sebastian's! You can see the theme is white but Aunty likes ang ang (buay hai lang) while I came after another dinner. Moohehe. 

Moo-rry Christmas everyone! Thank you, Jesus for your gift of selfless love and salvation. 

Photo credits:
- Famooly group pic & Sebastian's group pic @Melissa Sarah Wee
- Foodies group pic @Moonberry
- Everything else @yourstruly. Moohaha.

Chew On This: Nothing like a little ho ho ho with good food in the company of famooly and friends. 

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