Tuesday, December 01, 2015

Doing Thai Tantric at Orchard Towers

Eating Thai at Orchard Towers does sound saucy but we all know that thanks to the large Thai erm community working there, there's bound to be dependable Thai eateries, such as Jane Thai, in the building. One Friday evening, I caught up with Pinky Piggu and her bff (who is actually also my makan buddy) over dinner at Thai Tantric, a non-descript but bright and air-conditioned Thai eatery at Orchard Towers.
It being our first time at Thai Tantric, we had a little trouble finding the place because of the many distractions and not very subtle visual persuasions to eat other delicious things like fluffy steamed big pau. Moohehe.
But we made it.

This is the result of taking just 2 seconds to photograph the food with my iPhone because personally, hot food > chio photo. Moohehe.
We ordered several dishes to share. The Clear Tom Yam Fish Soup ($10) was nicely tangy with a bit of heat coming towards the end but I wished they had used a better fish than the frozen sutchi-like variety. A one-plate meal, the Minced Beef Stir-fried with Basil and served with rice and a sunny-side-up (~$6) had a salty, savoury edge, presumably from fish sauce, and was lovely with heaps of rice. Indulging in the oilier side of life, it being a Friday evening after all, we tried the Deep Fried Pork with Garlic ($10) and the Small Fried Chicken Wings ($10) but it was a pity that both were quite dry. A dish of Broccoli ($10), simply stir-fried and still retaining a nice crunch, rounded up dinner.      
Maybe we should try the curries instead of fried food the next time. And also watch people's expressions when we say we are headed to Thai Tantric at Orchard Towers...for dinner. Yea right. 

Thai Tantric
Orchard Towers
Opens: 11am to 3pm; 6pm to 3am

Chew On This: Say "plain rice" instead of "white rice" to avoid getting "fried rice"! Moohehe. #truestory

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