Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Celebrating Pinky's Birthday with a Shabu Shabu Feast

The rainy weather is perfect for steamboat meals and one of my favourite is the Japanese Shabu Shabu. What's even better is if there is an excuse reason to feast over a sumptuous Shabu Shabu meal. So thank you and happy birthday, Pinky Piggu! Moohehe.
We happy trio headed to On-Yasai at CHIJMES after seeing a wagyu promo on Facebook. But alas. What was offered was different from what we thought the promo is about. I guess Japlish did us in.
Thankfully, their normal Shabu Shabu dinner buffet ($39.90/adult) was pretty good! It offered a small selection of sushi and tempura which were great for keeping hunger at bay while waiting for the soup in the pot to boil. Speaking of soup, choose from a few different types of broths including Dashi, Miso, Golden Truffle and Soy Bean Broth.
Ultimately, the star here has to be the meats. Moore specifically, the beef. Yea, I'm bovine-ly biased. Moohehe. The beef chuck roll was tender and nicely beefy while the karubi (short ribs) was long, thicker slices with a satisfying bite, streaks of marbling and a deeper flavour. They were so good I hardly used the dipping sauce I assembled from the array of condiments, such as XO sauce, sesame sauce, ponzu etc, available.
I will confirm plus chop be back! Beef! Beef! Beef! MOOHAHA.
CHIJMES (other outlet at One KM)
Tel: 6336 4002
Opens: 12pm to 3pm; 6pm to 11pm
Chew On This: If you are feeling a bit more indulgent and/or underweight, add $10 to this dinner buffet to get free-flow wagyu and Kurobuta! :D 

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