Sunday, December 20, 2015

Beef Soup with A FULL Bowl of Rice

Beef soup ranks as one of my favourite hawker dishes but it is not very commonly available at many hawker centres. So if there is a beef soup stall, there is a good chance I will gravitate towards it. Moohehe.
I tried this Mixed Beef Soup ($4) at Joo Chiat Beef King for lunch when I was in the area. But I wasn't in Joo Chiat. LOL. Bukit Merah! Anyway, it was very good value for money considering the amount of ingredients in there. Tender brisket, ox tripe and tendons were fished out from a big simmering pot before being sliced and thrown into the bowl. The soup was nicely balanced. Beefy without being too heavy, and it had a sweetness from (I'm guessing) radish. Tangy chilli sauce added zing to the pieces of meat and offal.
Joo Chiat Beef King
Block 163 Bukit Merah Central Food Centre
Chew On This: The PRC lady gave me a heaping, full bowl of rice and when questioned by a random old uncle who said that stalls don't usually give that much rice, replied saying she couldn't bear to give less rice to a "big guy" and have me walk away not feeling full. Awww.... I responded with a smile and paid the best compliment I could- two empty bowls. Moohehe.  

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