Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Peranakan Food That Hits The Spot

This hastily shot photo does not do justice to the food here. But no choice because the stomach won in the hunger games. Moohaha.
Peranakan Inn serves up nonya food with plenty of soul and a comforting, home-cooked quality. The Ayam Buah Keluak begged for rice with its rich, spice-laden gravy while the Babi Pongteh had pieces of pork with a good bite and redolent with fermented soy beans. Having given up on moost Ngor Hiang and Hae Chor served at eateries, the Hae Chor here surprised me with its meat-filled interior spiked with onion and water chestnut. No floury nonsense.
The Chap Chye featured soft stewed cabbage, beancurd sticks and black fungus in a tasty gravy flavoured with fermented soy beans and dried shrimp which added layers of flavours to the vegetable dish.       
Perhaps its weakest link on the table that evening was the Otak Otak which I found too thin and smooth for my liking.

It wouldn't be a complete Peranakan meal without a decent sambal balachan and the one here is pretty shiok. Punchy, spicy and savoury, all it needed was a squeeze of lime and heaps of rice. Moohehe.

I will be back for moore! :)

Peranakan Inn
210 East Coast Road
Opens: 11am to 3pm; 6pm to 10pm
Tel: 6440 6195

Chew On This: This quaint little eatery has been around for quite some time. Check out the photos on the wall showing past presidents who have dined here.

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