Monday, November 23, 2015

Emporium Shokuhin Offers A Live Seafood Market, Beef Dry-Ageing Facility and 8 New-to-market Concepts!

I nearly died when I saw this. It's no dry-ageing cupboard. This is the beef-lover's dream walk-in "meat wardrobe". Moohehe. Inside it, large chunks of premium Australian, Japanese and American beef age gracefully, at a controlled temperature and humidity, from 14 to 28 days to achieve moore concentrated flavours and increased tenderness. These beef can be ordered, sliced and packed for a steak, roast or shabu shabu dinner at home. 
Occupying a massive 34, 000 square feet, Emporium Shokuhin is the anchor tenant at the new Marina Square wing and is the first to offer an integrated Japanese emporium which includes a live seafood market, beef dry-ageing facility and 8 new-to-market concepts. 

At the live seafood market, 22 specially-designed sea water tanks hold over 20 types of live fish and shellfish sourced from around the world. Take home an Alaskan King Crab and some French, Canadian or American oysters for a feast. Try the award-winning Krystal oyster from France which is known for its sweet, nutty and salty flavour.

From the chilled seafood display, a selection of fresh fish and seasonal ones, such as the Nagasaki Bluefin Tuna and Kinki, are available. A fishmonger will be at hand to prepare them according to your cooking requirements.
Japan is renown for their premium fruits which are packed with ripe flavours and sweetness. Kyoho grapes! Mikans! Strawberries! Some fruits like the musk melons are grown such that an entire plant supports the development of just one single fruit. This greatly concentrates the plant's energies and sugars into making one "super fruit", but also adds to its higher cost and price. At the Shokuhin Gourmet Grocer, I spy a few fruits which are relatively reasonably priced due to direct sourcing from the producers in Japan. 

There is also a section offering Japanese sweets, snacks and confectionery which would thrill those looking to stock up the office pantry or snack cupboard at home.  

The first Ehime prefecture-endorsed satellite store-in-store outside Japan offers a variety of Ehime's famed products like sake, natural sea salt and mikan-scented ponzu dressing, miso dips and marmalades.
Besides the retail segments, Emporium Shokuhin has several dine-in restaurants specialising in sushi, yakiniku, ramen, shabu shabu, French-Japanese fine dining, café and bakery, and a seafood and wine bar.

I dined at Gyuu+ which was a great way to sample the array of meats there including those aged in-house. Love the beefy 21-day aged USDA Prime Ribeye and the unctuous Japanese A5 Miyazaki Jo Karubi ($38/100g) that oozed flavourful oils upon chewing. Give them a nice sear on the Yakiniku grill for that grilled texture and aroma. Also belly good were the thin slices of Pork Belly ($15/100g) and fresh Prawns ($13 for 5 pieces).      
One way of enjoying beef cooked Yakiniku-style is to swipe the thin slice of beef across the grill several times, overturning it with each swipe. Then dip it immediately into beaten raw egg and some Yakiniku sauce before laying it atop a small mound of rice. Maccham "beef sushi". Moohehe. The coating of egg cooked slightly by the residual heat of the beef creates a smooth, savoury texture.      

For moore carbs, order up the Ishiyaki Bibimbap ($16) which was quite spicy and enjoyable with its assorted ingredients each imparting taste and texture for a flavoursome mouthful.

After a meal of grilled meats, the fragrant, not-too-sweet Japanese Goma (black sesame) and Yuzu Ice Cream ($4.80 each) were the perfect sweet ending.   
Thanks to Sixth Sense for the invitation.
Opens: 11.30am to 3pm; 6pm to 10pm
Marina Square
Tel: 6224 3433
Chew On This: Expect competitive prices for quality products at Emporium Shokuhin thanks to its wide network of premium purveyors in Japan and directly sourcing from them. Oh and I hear that Omi, Yonezawa and Tajima beef will soon be made available here too. :p 

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