Saturday, November 28, 2015

Capella Singapore's The Knolls Offers New Bistronomy Menu

Nestled within the serene grounds of the Capella Singapore is The Knolls, its Mediterranean restaurant which has jumped onto the bistronomy bandwagon with a new menu launch offering quality food in a relaxed setting.   
Before the new dishes were served, a menu favourite was brought out- the Octopus Ballotine ($27). It was an elegant starter with slightly chilled ballotine of tender octopus in an appetising light orange martini dressing.
Next up were the new dishes. The Open Ravioli ($23) arrived at the table. Vaguely reminiscent of a siew mai or wanton, this open ravioli contained duck and foie gras in a tasty and clear bouillon. This had a more Asian slant for me and I would have been pretty happy to have this dish alongside a big plate of thin egg noodles tossed in oyster sauce and scallions. Moohehe.

For the mains, newly promoted Executive Chef Julienne Rocca arranged for three dishes to be presented on one platter for tasting purposes. Starting from the back, the Crispy Lamb Rib Confit ($38) was tender but had a strong gamey flavour which was too intense for my personal liking even when eaten with the accompanying eggplant stuffed with cumin, rice and raisins.
In the middle of the platter was the Pan Seared Seabass ($44) with Mediterranean seafood ragout, a flavoursome Orzo pasta which was shaped like rice grains, chipirones (baby squid), clams and aioli. This was my favourite dish of the meal. With its rich, sunny flavours which included saffron, it is not difficult to fall in love with this one. 
At the foreground in the above photo was Grilled Marinated Beef Short Ribs ($35) served with truffle mash, mixed greens and gherkins. The beef had some bite and its flavour from the marinate reminded me of Korean barbecued beef with hints of pear, sesame oil and chilli. Chef later revealed that this dish was influenced by a Korean kitchen staff member as part of their regular internal culinary sharing of dishes and flavours across different cultures.     

Dessert, too, was specially served in a platter for the purpose of this tasting. The Pandan Coconut Crème Brulee ($16) in the foreground spotted a nicely caramelised sugar crust and the sweet, pandan custard boasted a flavour profile not unlike the Singaporean breakfast staple, kaya. 
Sandwich a choux pastry with vanilla ice cream and drizzle chocolate sauce over it for a simple yet satisfying dessert of Profiteroles ($16). I really like this one. :D

Finally, the classic Italian Cassata ($16), comprising a pistachio sponge, candied fruit and a sweet, tangy raspberry sorbet, was the perfect ending accompanied by a good cup of tea or coffee.
With its new bistronomy menu and poolside locale, I think The Knolls is a good spot for a relaxed meal on a luxe property away from the crowd.
Thank you, Capella Singapore, for hosting this cow on your beautiful verdant compound. Moohehe.

The Knolls
Capella Singapore
Tel: 6591 5046

Chew On This: Enjoy special lunch and dinner time entrance fee into Sentosa if you are driving in. $2 per car from Mondays to Fridays, 12 noon to 2pm and after 5pm.

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