Sunday, November 08, 2015

A Mee Soto++ Kind of Dinner Party

Gathering a few guinea pigs friends for a home-cooked meal can be nerve-wrecking especially when they are foodies and I am certainly no chef. But it is worth it for there is nothing quite like the personal connection and honest-to-goodness appeal of a home-cooked meal.
I invited them for a Mee Soto dinner which is pretty easy to put together. The soup can be cooked in advance and the rest of the ingredients prepped ahead of time. Bergedil was pan-fried just prior to serving so it remains hot and the full citrusy flavours of the coriander seeds can be better expressed. Onsen egg was courtesy of a makan buddy who dabbles with sous-vide cooking using his trusty rice cooker and a thermostat thingy bought online. Moohehe.
The recipe for the Mee Soto and Bergedil is available in an earlier blog post here.

But since my hands got itchy, and also to appreciate my friends for travelling all the way to my idyllic side of the country, I also served up a post Mee Soto meat board featuring Grass-fed Australian Sirloin, Australian Wagyu Rump and a US Iberico Pork Collar. There will always be a separate stomach for steakkks! Moohaha.

The meal ended with a dessert of Poached Pears in Red Wine with Mascarpone & Blueberries, and a cheese platter.

At this stage, I was too happy that I forgot to take a photo of the wines we had. LOL. Vino action kicked off with the refreshing Miguel Torres Santa Digna sparkling rose made in the traditional method from Pais grapes, followed by the off-dry Rheinhessen Superstition Riesling-Pinot Blanc, the simple but well-made Domaine Bessa Valley Enira Cabernet 2011 (I hand-carried back from Bulgaria), the Warrenmang Estate Shiraz 2005 which was drinking nicely now, and the well-matured Chateau Solon Sauternes 1999 to cap off an enjoyable dinner with wonderful company.

Chew On This: Cos home-cooked meals are priceless. :)

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