Friday, October 09, 2015

French Wine Scholar Batch Two Graduation Dinner

On the back of completing the Certified Specialist of Wine course last year comes this year's graduation from the French Wine Scholar programme! While the former provided a good base of wine knowledge from all major wine producing countries and regions, the FWS focuses on all (vino) things French, of course. Moohehe. 

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Icantypegibberish since apparently people only see photos nowsahdays. Moohaha.

Anyway, it was a great night celebrating with fellow FWS peeps over disco-ball-and-KTV Teochew dinner at Swatow Seafood Restaurant and...

lots of French wines...which could explain why everyone was exceptionally happy. Moohaha.

Viva la France!

Thank you, Hwee Peng, my wine 师傅 from Wine Craft Marketing for all the guidance and for making wine learning accessible. I am also grateful to e2i for subsidizing part of the course fees and to my fellow FWS batch mates for the many fun memoories over the many bottles uncorked, poured and shared.

I would highly recommend F&B, hospitality, sales and marketing and other relevant trade professionals to take on the FWS programme as part of one's continued wine education and knowledge training.

The learning never stops so onwards with the vinous journey! I have much moore to learn and sip. Santé!

Chew On This: It is recommended to be equipped with a Certified Specialist of Wine or Wines & Spirits Education Trust Level 2 before attempting the FWS.     


Anonymous said...

Yes, no one ever reads what we write nowadays. Quite sad and a waste of our effort!

The Hungry Cow said...

@Disco Asian: Thank you for still reading! Moohehe.