Saturday, October 31, 2015

Ang Zao Mee Sua

The arresting aroma of ginger being gently fried in sesame oil, probably my favourite kitchen scent, is enough to make this cow float. Add in Ang Zao (red glutinous rice wine lees) and chicken pieces marinated in sesame oil, soy sauce and white pepper, to make an Ang Zao Chicken Mee Sua dish that can take me to the heavens. Yes, all cows go to heaven.
The moother whipped up this dish using Ang Zao and mee suah (flour vermicelli) we recently brought back from Taiwan. A Foochow specialty, this dish called for lots of ginger, sesame oil and Ang Zao. Don't be put off by its red hue. Can eat "scary" Halloween food yet can't take a red noodle dish. Moohaha. It's natural and said to be good for lowering cholesterol. The fermented goodness from the Ang Zao adds heaps of flavour and complexity to the simple noodle dish.
While it is a popular confinement food for mothers after giving birth, I am thankful I don't need to be pregnant to enjoy this yummy one pot dish! Moohehe.
Chew On This: It can be quite hard to find good Ang Zao especially in supermarkets here. Some of the best are said to be homemade using traditional recipes so do ask around your Foochow friends and relatives!

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