Sunday, September 27, 2015

Sampling New Sardinian Specialties at Sopra Cucina & Bar

Italian cuisine is ever popular on this island nation but while I find that many Italian restaurants seem to do generic Italian cuisine, there are others like Sopra Cucina & Bar which specialise in a specific region, in this case, Sardinia.
Sopra Cucina & Bar recently launched a new menu and I was happy to trot down and graze my way through. Moohehe.

For starters, the Polpo Alla Carlofortina ($20) is a winner with its tender pieces of slow-cooked octopus tossed in a textural medley of olives, capers, basil, pine nuts, cherry tomatoes, arugula and celery. They were all lightly coated with a slightly tangy (I'm guessing olive oil-based) dressing, making it wonderfully appetising. 

The Biscotto di Pecorino ($22) is a traditional Sardinian dish made of durum wheat flatbread stuffed with Pecorino cheese and drizzled with honey. The contrasting textures of crisp flatbread and melt-y cheese were a delight against the savouriness of the sheep's cheese and the sweetness from the honey. This dish showcases durum wheat and sheep both of which Sardinia produces a lot of.

Another Sardinian delight is the Malloredus Alla Campidanese ($25). I love that the small semolina dumplings shaped into conch shells with ridges caught mooch of the rich pork and rosemary sauce. It's a rustic, hearty dish after my own heart. Moohehe.    

Speaking of hearty, sink your teeth into 400g of suckling pig with the Porcheddu Sardo ($48). The first thing to hit me was the fragrant aroma of garlic. The meat is liberally sprinkled with sea salt but was unfortunately way too salty and intense for my liking.

From the pizza section, we tried the Pizza Sopra ($28 for 9"). I like the slightly chewy crust which gave a better bite. The tasty toppings of Parma ham, tomatoes, arugula and Parmesan shavings were classic. Apparently, chef uses a top of the line pizza oven brought in from Italy.
Then it was time for desserts which took the form of a Cannoli ($10) and Tiramisu ($10). The former was a delightful crisp pastry shell, deep fried and filled with sweetened ricotta cheese while the latter was a cup of moist sponge fingers and mascarpone with a nice espresso boost. Though I don't think neither Cannoli nor Tiramisu is specific to Sardinia but hey, they seem popular all over Italy, no?

I do like the food at Sopra Cucina & Bar. Rustic, homely and rich, the Sardinian specialities are somewhat comforting. The restaurant is also pretty comfortable, exuding an old-world Hollywood charm with understated polish. It can accommodate up to 250 diners and welcomes bookings for private bookings and events too.

Then it was off to a stroll in the Singapore Botanic Gardens to digest all these food, plus graze on moore F&B offerings there. Moohehe.

Thank you Food News PR for hosting me.
10 Claymore Road
Tel: 6737 3253
Opens: Monday 5pm to midnight, Tuesday to Sunday 11.30am to midnight

Chew On This: Ladies can enjoy free-flow Prosecco every Wednesday from 7pm to 9pm at just $25! I might just be tempted enough to go find a skirt. Moohaha.

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