Monday, September 07, 2015

Celebrating the Completion of FWS Exam at Cafe de Hong Kong

After the past few months of self-study (drinking), classes (drinking) and group discussions (drinking), we were all relieved to have completed the French Wine Scholar exam paper. Moohehe.

So off we went to celebrate the end of exam with a dinner and wines (of course) at Café de Hong Kong. I suggested this place as I've been a fan of its food, BYO-friendliness and in support of its boss, Francis, who is a friend.

I was in a very erm...happy mood so pardon the hasty iPhone snapshots. This blog hasn't been about stunning photos anyway. Moohehe.

We started with the Crispy Fried Fish Skins, which I feel is a great way to combat traffic woes as waiting for friends stuck in jams became moore bearable. LOL.

A staple of many dinners I have enjoyed here at Café de Hong Kong is the trusty Nam Yu Roast Chicken. Good flavour of the meat with crisp skin always works.

The Smoked Duck is delicious with its meaty, savoury flavours and that sliver of fat. Really nice dish with a table of red wines. Moohaha.

Another robust dish is Stewed Mutton with its rich, comforting flavours. I only wished there was a chiffonade of kaffir lime leaf and nam yu dip to enhance it.

Not the healthiest of vegetable dishes but the Yau Mak Choy was one which beckoned rice. Punchy bits of canned dace fish and black beans added a nice depth of flavour.

Fried Rice with Fish Roe is da bomb here. I have this. Every. Single. Time.

Hong Kong Style Claypot Rice or Lap Mei Fan is a moost for fans of waxed meats. The pieces of liver sausage in particular were sweet and flavoursome.

Charcoal Beancurd with Broccoli featured soft rectangular slabs of tofu slathered in a tasty sauce flecked with dried scallops. Yums!

So far all the above dishes were tried and tested ones which I enjoy here. I'm a boring eating I know. Moohehe.

But at Francis' recommendation, we ordered up the Steamed La La. These flower clams were finger-licking good! Sweet, tender and perfectly steamed with the minced garlic and Chinese wine.

I knew I was in trouble when it was still white wine in my glass at 9pm. Moohaha.

Desserts are not Café de Hong Kong's strength but definitely have the Hong Kong French Toast. This towering toast is moist but not overly oily. Fragrant and sinful with a thick slab of butter and a drizzle of honey. Pair this with a cup of hot Milk Tea for the prefect ending.  

Café de Hong Kong
586 Balestier Road
Tel: 6255 3865

Chew On This: Café de Hong Kong allows diners to bring their own wines and will provide glasses, ice buckets and even a decanter if needed. For those who find themselves there but without a bottle, fret not as the restaurant retails a small selection with some pretty affordable options. Best part is the party can continue imbibing at an al fresco table even after the restaurant is closed! :p   

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