Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Sandra Amelia Tweet's Birthday Cocktails at Shin Gi Tai

After a "simple" one-pot porridge dinner featuring lobster, scallops, prawns and abalone at home (moohehe), we headed to Shin Gi Tai, a new cocktail bar, for drinks. Here's the chio birthday girl beaming with her specially made birthday cocktail. Birthday cakes are too mainstream especially for this girl who can bake. Moohehe.

Anthony Zhong, whom I got to know when he was head bartender at Jigger & Pony, helms the intimate Shin Gi Tai bar as a one-man show. His cocktails veer towards classics with some variations but all made with the exacting precision and elegance of the Japanese style of bartending.

As we sipped on the Osmanthus Gimlet, Sexypolitan and Granny's Old Drink, Anthony slowly began showing and offering us samples of the many syrups he makes and several unique spirits and liquors hand-carried from Japan. Then an Aviation, Martini and Brooklyn soon appeared, showcasing some of these unique spirits to good effect.

Quoting the birthday girl who captured the night's emootions perfectly- "Empty glasses. Full hearts." It was a great night out and reminded me of the wonderful time we had at Hong Kong's The Butler. :)
Was great seeing Anthony again. Thank you for taking care of us at your bar! That's why guys like him are called "bar-tenders". Moohehe.
And blessed birthday, sister!

Shin Gi Tai
51 Waterloo Street
Tel: 9768 4132
Opens: Monday to Saturday 6pm to midnight
Closes: Sunday

Chew On This: The same space is Australian café Fine Palate in the day!

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