Sunday, August 16, 2015

Celebrating The Moother's Birthday at Seasonal Tastes

We celebrated my seafood-loving moother's birthday with a buffet dinner ($65++/pax on a Tuesday dinner) at The Westin Singapore's Seasonal Tastes. She absolutely loved the fresh oysters and crabs, which were laid out alongside lobsters, prawns and mussels on ice. And seeing her happy made me happy too.
Preferring to graze on food without the hindrance of shells, moo favourite dish was the salmon. Soft, moist and naturally flavourful, it made me go for thirds. Moohehe. The part near the belly was especially luscious. ;)
The buffet line up wasn't staggering but offered decent variety from Indian dishes, a roasted leg of lamb, Korean beef bulgogi, assorted salads, appetisers, cheeses, Japanese dishes to laksa. This homemade sausage stew beautifully brought together two of my favourite ingredients- sausage and potatoes, in one warm, comforting pot.
Moove over the rainbow sponge cake. Here's the birthday girl with her rainbow kueh which we "stunned" from the dessert spread. Moohaha. Blessed birthday, beloved mummy!
Level 32
The Westin Singapore
Tel: 6922 6968
Chew On This:
There is a table at one corner of the restaurant that offers this lovely view. Call ahead to reserve it and go early before the sun sets to take in the sights.

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