Sunday, July 26, 2015

Kok Sen Dinner After "Food + Socialikes Connect 2015"

It was a meeting of a few old long-time-no-see friends and many new ones at the inaugural Food + Socialikes Connect 2015, a conference by food bloggers and Instagrammers, for food bloggers and Instagrammers. The scene has certainly changed and will ever be evolving as with the nature of social media.

Bigger emphasis seems to be on photography and some go through great lengths to get the perfect (often hipster-ish) shot. For those who complain about food bloggers taking photo at the table, wait till you see some Instagrammers. :p

Sigh. Not many of my contemporaries remain actively blogging even though the love for food and the eating hasn't stopped. Moohehe.

So after an eventful full day of talks and panel discussions featuring topics like bloggers' legal rights, food photography, the purpose of blogging etc..

I thought Hoong An was going to sing. Moohehe.

After the conference, a few of us walked by the perpetually crowded Kok Sen and realised it moost be a divine sign that there was no queue! LOL. Hence, in we went and soon this plate of Big Prawn Hor Fun landed on the table. It was robust, full of the smokiness from a searingly hot wok mixed with the spicy, umami punch of dried shrimp with chilli and the smooth gravy of starch and silky liquid egg.

Also moreish was the Har Jeong Kai or prawn paste chicken. I like that there was variety as different chicken parts were used. A squeeze of lime and a dash of sambal made me moo...internally lah. Moohaha.

Sizzling in its claypot was the assorted Yong Tau Foo. Delectable pieces of vegetable and beancurd products stuffed with fish paste and slathered in a mysterious brown sauce.

To endanger this cze char restaurant's supply of rice, order up the Pork Ribs with Bitter Gourd. The thick pieces of bitter gourd had nicely absorbed the flavour of the black beans sauce. The heady combination of bitter gourd, pork ribs and black beans sauce was such a classic winner. 

May the community be like this sauce- varied, expressive, with distinct personality yet altogether together. Moohehe.

Congrats to the organisers on the event!

Kok Sen Restaurant
30B Keong Saik Road
Opens: 11.30am to 10.30pm daily

Chew On This: The place gets pretty packed so go very early! Also, they have a charming al fresco back alley seating with graffiti-ed walls. 

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