Thursday, May 21, 2015

Pan Pacific Singapore's Sausages (Always) Rock!

I like sausages and the number one brand that comes to my mind is Pan Pacific for their quality. Their sausages are almoost always tasty, textured and with a snappy skin. Besides buying their sausages from the supermarket, one can also enjoy them by dining at Pacific Marketplace from 5pm to 10pm.

So here goes the sausage fest! Moohehe.

For a delicious snack, the Phyllo-wrapped Pork Bockwurst Sausage Roll served with Apple and Thyme Chutney ($14) featured smoked pork sausages wrapped in flaky phyllo pastry. The accompanying apple and thyme chutney provided a touch of sweetness to elevate this tapas dish.

The Homemade Liverwurst served with Sourdough & Cornichons ($12) was also moreish with its savoury, earthy pate-like flavours. Cornichons (I had to Google this) are tart pickled gherkins.

The Würstelplatte (Sausage platter; $24) was visually a bit disappointing as the word "platter" gave me an impression of a big, hearty..well.. platter. Good thing the various German sausages impressed with Pork Bratwurst, Veal Bratwurst, Münchner Weissewürste, and Nürnberger served with mesclun salad, toasted rye bread, and German potatoes or mashed potatoes.

Bangers and Mash offers a comfort that can only be matched by a cold pint of ale. Moohehe. Pacific Marketplace's English Bangers and Mash ($24) are served with green peas, mesclun salad, country gravy and English mustard. These bangers were supple and juicy.

For a dose of greens, try the Nicoise Salad ($11). I like that the slices of tuna were just seared on the outside. The greens were reasonably fresh and dressed with a light Dijon Vinaigrette.

Also, I moost add that their breads are awesome! I bought a few home for breakfast the next day and the famooly enjoyed them. :)

Thanks to Celine and Wen Xian of Pan Pacific Singapore for the invitation.

Pacific Marketplace
Level 1
Pan Pacific Singapore
Tel: 6826 8240

Chew On This: Pan Pacific Singapore's quality sausages are handcrafted by their Master Butchers using selected meats and do not contain preservatives, artificial colours or flavours.

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