Sunday, April 12, 2015

Birthday Makan

I woke up one moorning to the aroma of ginger being stir-fried in sesame oil and felt extremely blessed and thankful for all those who love me and for all of God's goodness in my life. My moother prepared a simple bowl of mee sua with hard boiled eggs. No meat, No seafood. Just a splash of (Hua Tiao) wine. Moohehe.

It was my birthday. Even though mee sua is not a birthday tradition in my famooly, that bowl was heartwarming and reminded me that often, the simplest things in life bring such honest joy. :)

Instead of eating out this year, I opted to have a shabu shabu dinner with the famooly at home. It was immensely gratifying and I bet I'll be craving this in the months to come.

Dinner was also set with the League and we had bak kut teh at Ng Ah Sio at my request...

...before heading across the road to Grub Noodle Bar for a frosty pint and some nibbles. Moohehe.

Chew On This: Cos memoories are meant to be savoured.

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