Saturday, February 28, 2015

Lovely Gyoza

Life is too precious to ask questions like what should one eat at Gyoza-Ya (House of Gyoza). Gyoza, of course! Moohaha.

These babies spotted nicely pan-fried bottoms, thin, pleasantly chewy skins and a tasty pork filling. Very good price and value too at $4.80 for 5 pieces.

The Jya Jya Men ($6.50) was probably inspired from Zha Jiang Mian and featured white, flat noodles with a sauce of minced pork and miso. Tossed with the slivers of cucumber and leeks, it made for a simple and enjoyable dish. Add in a dash of white vinegar and chilli oil for more oomph.

Robinsons Orchard (other branch at ION Orchard)
Tel: 6737 5581
Opens: Mondays to Sundays, 11.30am to 10pm

Chew On This: Gyoza-Ya recommends that one leaves a small amount of noodles in the bowl, ask the staff for an egg and mix it up with hot noodle water and Jya Jya miso to taste. It was a comforting mess. :p

Thursday, February 19, 2015

A Happy Leftover Mala Steamboat

Leftovers are not necessarily a bad thing especially when it comes to curry, stews and soups. I find that their flavours tend to be a little moore integrated given the extra time for them to come together.

Returning home to dinner after a long day at work and seeing this bubbling pot of leftover mala steamboat (now also known as "battleship") made moo one very happy cow. Moohehe.

Cheers to yummy leftovers!

Chew On This: Spongy tofu and luncheon meat are especially good at soaking up all that flavour when cooked and left immersed in the leftover mala over time.