Friday, January 23, 2015

Easy-Peasy Prawns, Tuna and Tomato Pasta at Home

I don't really order pasta when dining out moost of the time because:
1) It is expensive
2) Don't like the taste of pasta
3) The portions are too ungratifying

Hooves up if you are like me and chose number 3! Moohehe.

My favourite place for pasta is actually at home, where I can do whatever I want with it and cook up a portion fit for a...well...hungry cow! LOL.

Here's an easy masak-masak recipe I whipped up for moo sister and mooself one weekday evening.

1) Throw pasta of choice into salted, boiling water. Stir to ensure they don't stick to each other.
2) Heat up olive oil (basil-fused olive oil lagi better!) in a pan/pot.
3) Add prawns. Cook, flip over and cook until about 70% done.
4) Add in chopped garlic and stir-fry until fragrant.
5) Add in tinned chopped tomatoes and canned tuna.
6) Transfer cooked pasta to the pan/pot and include a little of the pasta water.
7) Salt and pepper to taste.
8) EAT

The Hungry Cow

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