Friday, January 09, 2015

Ah Christmas!

My favourite month of the year is December. The feeling when 1st December arrives is just pure joy in anticipation of the the festive season, feasting, and general merry feeling all around. As per usual, the maternal family gathered at and celebrated Jesus, the reason for the season, at my place with.. array of yummies contributed by the various relatives pot-luck style! Christmas carols and a time of praise and worship sealed the gathering.

Famooly. :)

And look! My part-time reindeers! Moohahaha. Ok, I admit, we had to lure them with a bit of food to keep them still for this photo. See the hand at the left corner of the photo. But so cute lah! :D

Over at the office, colleagues and ex-colleagues had a party too. Lesson learnt: Never have the office cactus involved in beer pong. LOL.

I was on leave for over 1/2 the month so had time to cook quite a bit in December. Here's the Venus clams cooked in white wine which I moost have cooked like 4 times in the same month. Moohehe.


Office gift exchange time! Well, I did put a little warning on mine which some thought was reverse psychology! #seemetooup

December, please return soon. I'll be waiting.

*Gotta thank relatives and colleagues for some of the photos!

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