Friday, December 25, 2015

Moo-rry Christmas!

It's my favourite time of the year- Christmas! Preparations for the family feast and singing carols and praise & worship songs after a hearty makan always make this occasion a memorable one. Celebrating Jesus, the true reason for the season.
This year we did a potluck. And what a sumptuous spread that turned out to be! Ham, roast pork with crackling, salad with home-cured salmon, grilled prawns, shepherd's pie (by the strongest member of the famooly. Moohehe), log cake, fruits, pasta, onion soup (yay! the first food contribution by the younger cousins), cheeses, roast duck and an excellent roast beef by the sis! No need for special wagyu or Angus or grain/grass-fed or wet/dry-aged, this was a non-fancy Aussie Striploin cooked perfectly and with love.
Besides the salad, I opted to do a pasta and decided to keep it a simple one given the plenty of meats on the table already. Buccatini with tomato sauce, basil and garlic infused olive oil, chilli, toasted pine nuts and fresh basil.
At another party (which happened to be really near my place. LOL), a group of foodies and bloggers gathered for again, potluck. We happily dug into beef bourguignon and mashed potato (French butter hor), a moost delicious Turmeric Turkey from Crowne Plaza Changi Airport, cold cuts, cheeses, pizzas, sugee cake, shepherd's pie, potato chips, salad, fruits (in a basket shaped from an actual melon!), pan-fried prawns with mushy peas, and a sweet onion and cheese dip.      
We also had a sparkling liquid diet and a bottle of port-like Greek dessert wine. Moohehe.
Here are the pan-fried prawns with mushy peas I made. It's a very easy dish to whip up. I'll share its recipe and also that of the above mentioned pasta in upcoming blog posts. :)

Last but not least, a Christmas party at Sebastian's! You can see the theme is white but Aunty likes ang ang (buay hai lang) while I came after another dinner. Moohehe. 

Moo-rry Christmas everyone! Thank you, Jesus for your gift of selfless love and salvation. 

Photo credits:
- Famooly group pic & Sebastian's group pic @Melissa Sarah Wee
- Foodies group pic @Moonberry
- Everything else @yourstruly. Moohaha.

Chew On This: Nothing like a little ho ho ho with good food in the company of famooly and friends. 

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Experiencing Italy's Multi-regional Pasta & Wine Offerings at Zafferano's Festival Della Pasta

Pasta is almoost synonymous with Italian cuisine. The durum wheat flour-based noodle can be made fresh or dried and is available in over 300 specific shapes with moore than 1300 documented names! Different regions in Italy produce pasta dishes using a variety of sauces, condiments and ingredients, reflecting the terroir of the area. Regional wines are also commonly enjoyed with the area's pasta to further enhance the gastronomic experience. It is said that when in Italy, it is hard to go wrong if one picks a wine and a dish which are produced from the same region.
A convenient way to experience this without having to fly to Italy or open a bottle of wine to pair with each pasta dish from varying regions is to head to Zafferano's Festival Della Pasta. Available for dinner every Saturday until the end of January 2016, this special menu ($85 per person; additional $75 for wine pairing supplement) offers 5 courses of pasta with a dolci and a biscotti. This pasta fest features family recipes and is Chef Marco Guccio's expression of his passion for Italian cuisine and his tribute to his mother and nona (Ah Ma).     
The journey begins at the south of Italy in Sicilia (or Sicily) where pasta was first recorded in 1154! The pasta here reflects the area's preference for lighter flavours, vegetables and Mediterranean herbs. This first pasta course of Zitoni with Purple Eggplant, Fresh 'Pachino' Tomatoes, and Salted 'Ricotta' Cheese blew me away with its simple yet flavourful combination of sweet eggplants, sweet-tangy tomatoes and a savoury touch from the olives and salted 'ricotta' cheese. This was paired with the bright, generous and citrus-minerally Firriato Santagostino Catarratto & Chardonnay IGT 2013 produced in the same region of Sicilia.    

The next course of 'Orecchiete' with Fresh Turnip Greens & Tomatoes, Anchovies brought us to the area of Puglia, often referred to as the "heel" of the boot in reference to the shape of Italy on a map. In Puglia, Orecchiete is a traditional pasta made by rolling small balls of pasta dough into 'little ears' as its name in Italian suggests. Deft hands and experience are essential in making this challenging pasta.

The ones we sampled at Zafferano were al dente with a firm, pleasant bite. Its shape allows it to 'catch' sauce. Chef Marco prepared this in a classic Apuglian style with turnip greens, which added a touch of pleasant bitterness, olive oil and anchovies. I find this similar in style with the Teochew fried kway teow with kai lan and chye poh. Maybe Marco Polo should explain the two dishes' ancestry. Moohehe.

Enjoy the Orecchiete with the recommended Tormaresca Chardonnay 2013 which was crisp, delicately floral and had a hint of salinity, perhaps from its closeness to the sea.

Next up, we headed towards the north for Emilia Romagna with this Homemade 'Tortellini', Clear Chicken Consomme. Meats, cheeses, butter and richer flavours tend to dominate cuisine style of northern Italy. This comforting chicken consommé was clear and focused in flavour, perfect with the prosciutto-and-mortadella-stuffed Tortellini.

Only one wine comes to mind when Emilia Romagna is mentioned- Lambrusco. Specially paired with the Tortellini dish was the Medici Ermete Lambrusco Salomino Concerto 2013. Made by 4th generation owners of the family business, this lightly sparkling, fruity Lambrusco offered berries and cherries, with a dry but soft mouth feel and gentle tannins. I really like this pairing which elevated both the wine and the pasta, providing a mildly sweet foil to the rich, savoury Tortellini filling.        

From Emilia Romagna, the journey continues up north to Lombardia (or Lombardy), home of Casoncelli, a uniquely sweet stuffed pasta. The 'Casoncelli' with Butternut Pumpkin, 'Taleggio' Cheese Fondue, Butter and Sage Emulsion, Walnuts showcased a variety of textures and flavours with just a handful of ingredients. Take a sip of the accompanying 100% Pinor Noir-based Barone Pizzini Rose Franciacorta DOCG 2011 for a creamy burst of freshness and acidity.

The final pasta course brought us to Piemonte (or Piedmont) close to the Alps. With the colder climate, dishes here are richer. The region's signature pasta is the Agnolotti which can only be filled with roasted meat unlike the moore versatile Ravioli. The "Agnolotti" Filled with 12-hour-marinated Beef Ox-tail, Celery Root Puree, Pistachio Nuts was heady and rich. It went well with the region's Adriano Barbera d'Alba 2013 which had nice acidity and moderate tannins. A mighty Barolo (another Piedmont signature wine) would have been wonderful too. Moohehe.
The meal ended with pasta 'Crostata' with Homemade Fresh Berry Jam, a homely rustic pie filled with mixed berries jam and enjoyed throughout Italy. Chef Marco whipped up this using his mum's recipe.
A few pieces of Cantucci, the classic Tuscan cookie, were also presented for dunking into the final pour (and disgestif) of the evening- Vin Santo Farnito Antinori, a sweet dessert wine from Tuscany.    
This concept of tasting pasta dishes alongside wines to give 'a sense of place' of several Italian regions is a fun and delicious way to eat around Italy while learning about its food culture. Catch it while you can!
Thank you Zafferano and Gastro Sense for the invitation.

Level 43
Ocean Financial Centre
Tel: 6509 1488
Closed: Sundays

Chew On This:  Catch the last sunset of 2015 on 31 December with a view over the Marina Bay and mark New Year's Eve with a special 4-course dinner at $98 per person!

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Beef Soup with A FULL Bowl of Rice

Beef soup ranks as one of my favourite hawker dishes but it is not very commonly available at many hawker centres. So if there is a beef soup stall, there is a good chance I will gravitate towards it. Moohehe.
I tried this Mixed Beef Soup ($4) at Joo Chiat Beef King for lunch when I was in the area. But I wasn't in Joo Chiat. LOL. Bukit Merah! Anyway, it was very good value for money considering the amount of ingredients in there. Tender brisket, ox tripe and tendons were fished out from a big simmering pot before being sliced and thrown into the bowl. The soup was nicely balanced. Beefy without being too heavy, and it had a sweetness from (I'm guessing) radish. Tangy chilli sauce added zing to the pieces of meat and offal.
Joo Chiat Beef King
Block 163 Bukit Merah Central Food Centre
Chew On This: The PRC lady gave me a heaping, full bowl of rice and when questioned by a random old uncle who said that stalls don't usually give that much rice, replied saying she couldn't bear to give less rice to a "big guy" and have me walk away not feeling full. Awww.... I responded with a smile and paid the best compliment I could- two empty bowls. Moohehe.  

Friday, December 18, 2015

The Fullerton Bay Hotel's Christmas Light Up & Charity Buffet Dinner

There was a palpable air of festivity on 4 December at The Fullerton Bay Hotel lobby as a tall Christmas tree sparkled and folks from the Ministry of Bellz chimed Christmas tunes using handbells, while staff offered spiced cookies, Panettone and mulled wine to guests.   
Over at its The Clifford Pier restaurant, a sumptuous Charity Buffet Dinner ($98 per adult) featured both western delights and local specialties. In support of The Straits Times School Pocket Money Fund, The Fullerton Bay Hotel donated $25 nett per diner to fund children and youth from lower income families in Singapore.

My favourite dish from the buffet spread was the Roasted Prime Ribs with Port Wine Jus. The flavoursome slices of roast beef were a delight to enjoy. Yorkshire pudding was served on the side.   

The Lavender-Maple Glazed Champagne Ham was also pretty delectable, served with a spiced pineapple chutney to balance its richness and salty tones.

An indulgent addition, the Pan Seared Foie Gras with Celeriac Espuma and Beef Essence looked yummy but unfortunately, I forgot to take a portion. So while my camera "ate" it, I did not. Moohaha.

Chinese-style roast meats and poached chicken catered to those with an Asian palate. The chicken was also served as part of the restaurant's signature Chicken Rice, complete with slivers of cucumber and a tangy chilli sauce.

Alternatively, one can also opt to upgrade the Laksa by adding the chicken and/or roast pork into the local coconut milk-based noodle dish. Moohehe. I love doing this kind of additions and trying different permutations (lobster in your laksa, anyone?) at hotel buffets. :p

Desserts included a selection featuring treats like Vanilla Bourbon Crème Brulee, Strawberries Trifle and Chocolate Bread & Butter Pudding, alongside tarts, cakes and ice creams.

Thank you, The Fullerton Bay Hotel for the invitation.
Charity Buffet Dinner
4 December 2015
The Clifford Pier
Level One, The Fullerton Bay Hotel
Tel: 6597 5266

Chew On This: Looking for a Christmas gift? Buy a Fullerton Santa Bear ($28), available at the hotel's reception, for a good cause. $10 from the sale of each bear will be donated to The Straits Times Pocket Money Fund. 

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Celebrating Pinky's Birthday with a Shabu Shabu Feast

The rainy weather is perfect for steamboat meals and one of my favourite is the Japanese Shabu Shabu. What's even better is if there is an excuse reason to feast over a sumptuous Shabu Shabu meal. So thank you and happy birthday, Pinky Piggu! Moohehe.
We happy trio headed to On-Yasai at CHIJMES after seeing a wagyu promo on Facebook. But alas. What was offered was different from what we thought the promo is about. I guess Japlish did us in.
Thankfully, their normal Shabu Shabu dinner buffet ($39.90/adult) was pretty good! It offered a small selection of sushi and tempura which were great for keeping hunger at bay while waiting for the soup in the pot to boil. Speaking of soup, choose from a few different types of broths including Dashi, Miso, Golden Truffle and Soy Bean Broth.
Ultimately, the star here has to be the meats. Moore specifically, the beef. Yea, I'm bovine-ly biased. Moohehe. The beef chuck roll was tender and nicely beefy while the karubi (short ribs) was long, thicker slices with a satisfying bite, streaks of marbling and a deeper flavour. They were so good I hardly used the dipping sauce I assembled from the array of condiments, such as XO sauce, sesame sauce, ponzu etc, available.
I will confirm plus chop be back! Beef! Beef! Beef! MOOHAHA.
CHIJMES (other outlet at One KM)
Tel: 6336 4002
Opens: 12pm to 3pm; 6pm to 11pm
Chew On This: If you are feeling a bit more indulgent and/or underweight, add $10 to this dinner buffet to get free-flow wagyu and Kurobuta! :D 

Monday, December 14, 2015

Taking a Second Shot at jones the grocer

My first and only visit to jones the grocer was when they had first opened eight years ago. With the air so stuffy and to have pretentious diners from a few separate tables examine me from head to toe, I left with an unpleasant experience. Were they there to inspect my marbling, colour and pedigree like they do for wagyu cattle? No. I thought so too. Moohehe.
Anyway, with jones the grocer now fully owned by LVMH which brings with it physical and product changes to the store, I trotted down for a graze, hoping not to have to smack any pretentious snob on the head with a baguette, an organic and artisanal one of course.
On to the food first.
The charcuterie board offered a nice variety of cold cuts and was as pleasing in the mouth as it was on the eye. Nibble on Smoked Duck Breast, Honey Baked Ham, Homemade Cooked Pepperoni, Veal Lyoner and my favourite of the lot- Mortadella. The Wagyu Rump Roast on its own plate in the background was also scrumptious with its beefy flavour and chew. 
With Singapore's first walk-in cheese room when it first opened, jones the grocer offers a very good selection of artisanal homestead cheeses sourced from around the world. Alongside the cheeses are a myriad of accompaniments such as Sicilian olives, dried fruits, nuts, crackers and a delectable truffle honey from Italy. Smear that truffle honey on a wedge of Gouda or Stilton Blue and let the marriage of flavours sing in your mouth. Moohehe.
The cheese room is awesome! Boasting over 100 types of artisanal cheeses from countries like England, France, Italy and Spain, there is definitely something for every palate. Ask the in-house cheese expert for recommendations or wine pairing suggestions. Enjoy the cheeses here or take them home for a dinner party.  
The Cheese & Charcuterie Board (3 items $35, 5 items $45, 7 items $55, additional item $8)
Mooving on to the cooked food selection from the revamped menu which aims to dish out comfort food, the Oriental Crispy Duck ($26)featured a duck leg confit on a bed of mesclun salad with potato, shimeiji mushrooms and cherry tomatoes. While the duck was flavourful, it was a little on the dry side and I wished its skin was moore crisp. There was a plum dressing which, together with the shimeiji, gave this dish an Asian touch. Personally, I felt its flavour paired nicely with the richness of the duck but could have been amped up in quantity or intensity.
Specially served as a tasting portion of the full-sized jones Classic Wagyu Burger with Truffle Fries ($26), this mini burger might be small but sure packed quite a bit of ingredients- 100% Australian wagyu beef patty, bacon, melted Gruyere, truffle mayo, pickles, caramelised onions, mustard and a bois boudran sauce (vinegar and ketchup-based sauce). Lovely flavours and bite. The fries were gone in a flash too. I guess that is what happens when the portion size of burger and fries is small but the mouth is big. Moohaha.
The Asparagus Risotto ($24) incorporated fresh asparagus, Taleggio and Grana Padano and black truffle oil. Its texture was a tad mushy and was moore like porridge. Love the cheeses in here though there was a distinctive bitterness (from the asparagus and truffle oil maybe?) that was overpowering.   
I mooch preferred the Spicy Seafood Aglio Olio ($28) with its punchy hit of chilli, seafood duo of prawns and scallops, and shaved Parmesan. The purple shiso was also moore than mere garnish, accenting the pasta dish with its fragrance and flavour when eaten.

Our last main course arrived in the form of the Grilled BBQ Chicken ($26). A slab of juicy thigh (the chicken's, not mine. Moohehe) smeared with a smokey, tangy-sweet barbecue sauce and accompanied with garlic mash and coleslaw.

Leave space for desserts. Oh wait, I think a lot of people actually do have a separate stomach for desserts! Whack the Warm Sticky Date Pudding ($15) which was delightfully warm and sticky as per its namesake. It hit all the right spots with its rich, sweet-salty tones complemented by the vanilla bean ice cream. The other dessert of Coconut Panna Cotta ($14) boasted a smooth, creamy panna cotta beautifully redolent of coconut. The accompanying mango coulis and fresh mango added another layer of tropical flavour. 
Sip on a jones Leaf Tea ($6.50) such as the Masala Chai to end the meal.
Besides dining at jones the grocer, the store also offers a good selection of gourmet teas (check out the award-wining Makaibari, the world's first tea factory, and Singaporean tea brand Pin Tea's range of flavours inspired by local iconic neighbourhoods), exotic African-inspired sauces, jams, vinegars, olive, coconut and truffle oils, premium chocolates, condiments, pastas and sweets. Take home organic breads which are freshly baked in-house and contain no preservatives, artificial colours, flavours or additives.   
Meat-lovers! Swiss Butchery is now housed in jones the grocer, which also means their range of premium meats including grass-fed and grain-fed beef, antibiotic- and hormone-free chicken, veal and Iberico free-range pork can be cooked and enjoyed on-premise or brought back home for a sumptuous meal.
And on a final note, the vibes here are (thankfully) a lot less pretentious compared to my first visit years ago. The revamped jones the grocer spots a casual, welcoming interior with an understated polish. I think it's a good sign when families, friends, and couples were seen enjoying themselves and being comfortable here. 
I'll save my baguette for eating. :) 
Thank you jones the grocer and Food News PR for the invitation. 
Blk 9, #01-12
Dempsey Road
Dempsey Hill
Tel: 6476 1512
Chew On This: 
With the festive season upon us, it's a perfect time to check out jones the grocer's range of lovely gourmet hampers. They make a really nice gift and come in different sizes across a range of price points.  

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Solid Kopi and Kaya Toast at Food Glossary

I'm not a big kopi/coffee drinker but when it comes to the one brewed from a sock by Byron and his team from the former Good Morning Nanyang Café, I'm happily lapping up their fragrant, rich and creamy kopi-C. That awesome kopi can now be found at his new venture, Food Glossary at the JTC Summit in Jurong. 
A perfect nibble to accompany the kopi is the Kaya Toast. On the day of my visit, there was a special black charcoal bun, which had a delightful chew. The kaya bore their signature pandan-infused, eggy goodness to add a sweet edge to the salted butter. Try the orange ciabatta kaya toast for something different yet strangely comforting if it's available!
Food Glossary also serves a selection of local favourites such as Mee Siam and Mee Rebus. I enjoyed the former's spicy kick and tanginess from the assam while I felt the latter was a bit bland and lacked depth.
As a proud Eastie, I got to say those people in the West have it good this time with Food Glossary there! Moohehe.

JTC Summit
8 Jurong Town Hall Road
Opens: 8am to 5pm
Closed: Weekends
Chew On This: The kaya here is made in-house from scratch every day. I have personally seen Byron mixing and stirring his big pot of eggs, sugar, pandan leaves and coconut milk over a long time until it becomes kaya! Support this local business and the art of handcrafted kaya before it goes the way of commercialization and mechanical machines.    

Wednesday, December 09, 2015

Festive Eats at the Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel

'Tis the season to be tempted by a sexy leg like this one, which you can actually take home. Moohehe. The Honey & Clove Glazed Ham ($405 for 10kg, $205 for 5kg) by the Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel is probably my latest favourite ham. Packed full of flavour being cooked bone-in, it was juicy, meaty and briny with hints of clove and honey. Just clobber me on the head with this baby already and send me to porcine heaven!
Also available for takeaway is the Truffle Buttered Roast Turkey with Finanziera Terrine & Madeira Sauce ($498++), a limited edition with only 20 birds available. The truffle flavour in the turkey was too subtle. On the other hand, the Finanziera terrine was delectably earthy, meaty and rich. Like the flavours and texture of a very good pate that begs to be eaten with crusty bread. Moohehe. 
Have a swirl of kaya in your logcake for something a little local and different this year. Bring home the Kaya Namachoco Yule Logcake ($68), a luscious blend of smooth, rich chocolate ganache with a kaya ripple that adds a very pleasant albeit subtle touch of distinctive pandan and coconut flavour. 

Over at the hotel's Marriott Café, feast on a Christmas Eve and Christmas Day buffet line up of Seafood on Ice, Roast Beef Prime Rib, Roast Turkey Chestnut Stuffing, Lobster Benedict and this Prune & Pancetta Stuffed Roast Pork Saddle, among others. This had a crisp crackling but I wished there was a higher crackling to meat ratio. The meat was seasoned nicely and paired well with the prunes though it was a tad dry at some parts.

This Baked Salt Crusted Whole Red Snapper is essentially fish-ception- a fish within a fish. LOL. Beneath the crust of salt lay a sizeable whole red snapper with meaty white flesh that was scrumptious with the accompanying flavoursome salsa verde.
There will also be Asian delights such as Chilli Crab, Salted Egg Prawns and Ginseng Herbal Chicken Soup to please the Asian taste buds.

End the meal with a slew of desserts, including Mulled Fruit Brulee, Choux Pastry Christmas Tree, and Steamed Plum Pudding with Brandy Sauce, from the buffet counter. Then happily roll down Orchard Road and take in all the Christmas lights. Moohehe.

Marriott Café Festive Buffet is available from 1 to 30 December.

Mondays to Thursdays: $63 (lunch), $80 (dinner)
Fridays and Saturdays: $63 (lunch), $88 (dinner)
Sundays: $98 (lunch), $80 (dinner)

24 December
$63 (lunch), $138* (dinner)

25 December
$118* (lunch), $138* (dinner)

*Inclusive of freeflow sparkling wine, beer and soft drinks
Thanks Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel for hosting me at your festive preview.

Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel
320 Orchard Road
Tel: 6831 4605

Chew On This: See here for all upcoming dining promotions at the Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel, including the New Year's Eve Countdown Party.

Monday, December 07, 2015

Shop for Gluten-Free Products at Ryan's Grocery

Opened just a few months ago at Binjai Park, Ryan's Grocery offers one of the moost extensive gluten-free product range in Singapore, many of which are sourced from Western Australia. In fact, 99% of the store is gluten-free. Expect oils, cookies, flours, condiments, pasta, sauces, fresh vegetables, free-range meats, and sausages among other goodies. Speaking of sausages, check out the ones here which are all made in-house, gluten-free, have natural casings, and come in flavours such as Cranberry & Chestnut Pork Sausages, and Lemon & Oregano Lamb Sausages. They even have Farmhouse Sausages which are free from preservatives, nitrates and sulphates!

Ryan's Grocery exclusively imports the whole carcass of Blackwood Valley's organic grass-fed Angus cows from Western Australia and portions it into the different cuts such as sirloin, ribeye, brisket etc in their on-site butchery. Asian cuts such as shabu shabu and sukiyaki are also available.  

I sampled the organic grass-fed Blackwood Valley Beef which was prepared as a roast, and like its clean flavour. Although my experience with grass-fed beef tends to lean towards them being intensely beefy, this one was rather mild and gentle in taste. On the piggy side of things, I absolutely loved the Linley Valley Free-Range Pork! Its flavour was beautifully rounded, balanced and free from the unpleasant "porky taste" some people dislike when it comes to pork.

Ayam brand might be familiar here but have you seen their array of Asian sauces? I haven't. And they are all gluten-free too!

Ryan's Grocery also carries an exclusive range of gourmet products made by small batch producers. An example is the Latasha's Kitchen range of preservative-free and gluten-free chutneys, relishes and pastes. Use the brand's Green Chimichurri to spice up a salad dressing or as a handy marinate for meats when whipping up a home-cooked feast this festive season.

Honey fans should try the Jarrah Honey under the Colmena brand. Known for its antibacterial properties and high antioxidant content, Jarrah honey boasts a rich caramelised flavour and is unique to Western Australia. And unlike Manuka honey, there is apparently no need to avoid using metal spoons. Moohehe.

By the way, wondering why the focus on gluten-free products here? Well, the husband and wife team, Sebastian and Wendy Chia, behind Ryan's Grocery has a son (Ryan!) who is intolerant to gluten, dairy, nuts, soy, egg and yeast. Through Ryan's Grocery, they aim to support the community of people with dietary challenges and intolerances. They also hope to promote good eating with their range of organic and free-range products.

Thank you, Ryan's Grocery and Food News PR for the invitation to the store.

Ryan's Grocery
29 Binjai Park
Tel: 6463 3933
Opens: 9.30am to 8pm on Friday to Wednesday
            9.30am to 4pm on Thursday

Chew On This:

Feast at home with ease by ordering up Christmas Roast Chicken ($50 for ~2kg bird before roasting; hormone & antibiotic-free) with red pepper, onion, garlic and parsley; Roast Blackwood Valley Organic Beef ($160 for ~2kg before roasting) with Italian mixed herbs; and Roast Pork Rolled ($60 for ~2kg before roasting) featuring Linley Valley Free-Range Pork with red wine and garlic. See here for the full Christmas specials including Classic Christmas Roast Sets with US turkey from $198. Enjoy 10% off for festive orders until 8 December!