Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Tasty Nosh at Cool Kopitiam Chic Place

So Simpang Bedok has again revamped its 2nd storey makan space which was formerly a regular hawker centre which became a social enterprise-run hawker centre before closing down.

The current Bedok Marketplace is airy and quite cool with a modern, fresh feel. While many stalls have yet to be taken up, there are a couple which are already in business selling wanton noodles, mookata, ramen, grilled meats, wines, and frog porridge.

One of these stalls, The Chop Chop Selections even spots a Vespa parked in one corner.  

Feeling greedy and hungry, we ordered a few meaty dishes. Moohehe.

The Spanish Diablo Chicken ($9.50 for 1/2 chicken) was pretty juicy and tasty. Served with pasta salad and greens (romaine lettuce yo! not iceberg).

Somewhat reminding me of a western Roti John, the Beef Taco ($9.50) featured pieces of beef sausage, minced beef, lettuce, beans and onion atop a tortilla and drizzled with mayonnaise (wish it was sour cream instead) and what tasted like BBQ sauce. Messy and yummy!

The Beef Stew ($9.50) had very generous cubes of beef but unfortunately they were dry and quite tough. The flavour of the stew was lovely though! Rich and tomatoey with meaty pieces of shitake mushrooms.

The Chop Chop Selections
Level 2
Bedok Marketplace
348 Bedok Road

Chew On This: They have a display chiller with sausages, ribeye and chicken chops etc which one can choose and order to cook to one's preference.

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