Tuesday, December 09, 2014

Good Eats at Grub Noodle Bar

So now there's more to just bak kut teh at Rangoon Road with Grub Noodle Bar's opening. I somehow had the feel that they serve food with a Vietnamese influence but its influence is apparently South East Asian.

Their selection of appetisers were very good especially because several had alcohol. Venus Clams ($13) sauteed in beer, toasted ginger and lemongrass broth were sweet and plump. Tiger Prawns ($13) steamed in sake, garlic and ginger glaze tasted fresh though I couldn't really taste the seasoning. Looking like it came from a much less casual restaurant was the Hokkaido Scallop Tataki ($15). Loved the sweet, luscious slices of scallop against the mustard glaze and mandarin orange. Kang Kong Salad ($7) featured the crunchy vegetable blanched and dressed in a tangy achar mix.

Two appetisers were especially great with beer. Onion Rings ($7) had real onions in a crisp beer batter and served with a tomatillo salsa. Beer batter paired with beer? Elementary of course. Moohehe. The other would be Chicken Drumlets ($9), crispy-skinned fellas coated with curry leaves, garlic and sesame seed and drizzled with mayo. Very, very moreish!

On the happy, liquid side of things here, Grub Noodle Bar does carry some craft beers and ciders. On tap are Weihenstephan Original and Hefeweissbier which are one-for-one after 9pm daily!

Mooving on to the mains, it's called a noodle bar so no surprise that small section of mains are all noodles. Moohehe.

The Assam Laksa ($13) was pretty delicious with perky, tangy accents from assam, pineapples and the meaty, savoury flavours of canned tuna, and chewy noodles. I was later informed that chef uses sardines.

The Pork Noodles ($13) also packed a savoury punch and hunky slabs of pork shoulder, chorizo bacon and mince pork ragout, tappered by the pickled cucumber. Pity the egg noodles were tad too heavy and floury.

Ok, time for a disclaimer. This cow was so excited to see so many of his bovine counterparts in the Beef Noodles that he whacked the dish before remembering he forgot to take a photo. Moohaha. But seriously, it was beef balls, minced beef, beef soup and beef slices FTW. Prices depend on the type of beef you opt for from grass-fed brisket ($12) and rump ($15) to hormone-and-antibiotic-free 150-day grain-fed Angus sirloin ($17) and ribeye ($19).

Surprisingly, I found the grain-fed ones offering a more robust flavour.

My beef with this beef noodles is again the egg noodles being too heavy. It sat in the tummy like lead and destroyed bak kut teh plans for round two. The soup was also a tad too rich. Maybe for those who like their beef soup super cow cow!

After the heavy noodles, the Chendol Verrine ($4) was a welcome sight in its small shot glass. The fragrant icy waves from the coconut ice cream, and the gula melaka mousse was comforting.

The Mont Blanc Tart ($4) sounded interesting so we decided to have a go. In place of chestnut was a white lotus paste, with a matcha center and nice crumbly almond tart. Not too sweet and probably beckons for a cup of tea or coffee.

Overall, I think Grub Noodle Bar is a cosy space to chill out over drinks and some nibbles. Oh and they open till late so no need to content with getting chased away at the usual 10pm or 11pm.

Thanks to Maureen from Grub Noodle Bar for hosting moo.

Grub Noodle Bar
221 Rangoon Road
Tel: 6341 5631
Opens: 6pm to 12.30am

Chew On This: The seafood here is fresh because they get their supplies just two doors down the road from a seafood supplier!

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