Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Nutty-licious Black Ramen

The cooler rainy season is upon us and what better way to embrace it than to eat soupy dishes. So after shabu shabu, a few of us headed to the nearby Hakkata Ikkousha for some ramen! Moohehe.

The Black Tonkotsu ($13.50) was my personal favourite. The pork bone based soup was creamy and redolent with the fragrant, nutty notes of black sesame and garlic. This is probably the black ramen with the moost intense nuttiness I have tried. Hakkata-style noodles means the ramen was thin and straight. But you do get to pick your preferred noodle texture when ordering.

The original flavour version, Tonkotsu ($12), had the same creamy texture but was quite bland for me.

I guess this is where we needed to call upon the God Fire ($13.50)! LOL. This is level 1 out of 4 and had a mild heat which grew a bit more intense after a few seconds post-swallowing. Nothing too dangerous but then again that's probably what level 4 is there for.

Oh and the chasu here is on the lean, meaty side. So less guilt perhaps, and better mooderation? Moohaha.

Thanks to Katherine of WORD Agency for hosting us.

Hakkata Ikkousha
#01-07 CHIJMES (other outlets at Changi airport and Tanjong Pagar Plaza)

Chew On This: Still hungry? Add $2 for extra ramen after whacking the initial portion. Remember to leave some soup for this!

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