Sunday, November 23, 2014

Handmade Fishballs from a 23 Year Old Hawkerpreneur

It is not often that one sees a young face behind a hawker stall given that most young Singaporeans would rather work in a more comfortable work environment. But it is encouraging that there seems to be a trend in young hawkerpreneurs who might just well be the bastion of hope for the continuation of local hawker food.

I first met Douglas from Fishball Story at the Ultimate Hawker Fest and had to visit his stall again after the event for more of that addictive chilli in his mee pok.

Fishball Story's Mee Pok ($3.50) is very good with soft, not mushy noodles, that had a certainly lightness to it. Doused with crispy lard, oil and heaps of a savoury fragrant chilli paste, the mix sent me to noodle heaven. I thought there was chye poh in the chilli but Douglas assured me there wasn't.

The fishballs are handmade by him (from 4am!) and boasted a firm, slightly rough rustic quality which was pretty appealing.

I certainly hope he won't stop telling this awesome story. Moohehe.

Fishball Story
Golden Mile Hawker Centre
Opens: 10.30am to 5pm daily

Chew On This: The fishballs here apparently use no flour! Only beaten sai tor her which is then seasoned and boiled.

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Mark said...

Wow! I need to check out this place soon!