Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Team Thai Lunch

After a grueling work week, the team went for a nice Thai lunch near office. So don't mind the hurriedly taken photos from my iPhone. Moohaha.

We've been to this particular eatery a few times now and like its punchy Thai flavours. :)

The Thai Spicy Pork is my personal favourite with meaty slices of pork tossed in chilli, fish sauce and herbs. There's quite a bit of heat from the chilli after a few mouthfuls!

A table favourite, the Tom Yum Chicken pleased with its tangy, spicy soup. I feel that this one here had a bit of sweetness to it too.

To order another plate of rice, try the Green Curry Chicken with its smooth chicken pieces and creamy gravy redolent of spices. The round aubergines were tender and beckoned for (moore) rice! At this stage, our tongues were feeling the spice but we can't even be sure if it was from this curry. LOL.

As proof that it is one of the simplest yet moost comforting dish, the Pork Omelette was tasty, fluffy
and delightful to eat.

We were surrounded by Thai music, Thai people and Thai flavours. Close ones eyes and be transported to Bangkok. Then it was back to work with an international friend, food coma. Moohaha.

Buengkan Beer House
Golden Mile Complex

Chew On This: My colleagues love their iced Thai milk tea and coffee here. Containing quite a bit of milk, these drinks would be perfect to cool the heat from the chilli and spices!

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