Friday, October 03, 2014

Ramen Ta for 4-stomach Creatures

When I am really hungry and/or greedy (which is like moost of the time. Moohaha!) I head to Menya Musashi for a big ramen fix.

Besides springy noodles and a slab of peppery-smoky chasu, I get to opt for the 5x portion for the Tsukemen at no extra charge! That's a lovely 600g of ramen. :p

A "dry" style of ramen, the Tsukemen ($14.90) comes with a separate bowl of soup for one to dip the noodles in before slurping it up. Unlike its local cousin mee kia ta, there is no sauce or seasoning added to the ramen. The black garlic tonkatsu soup in the small bowl is creamy, rich and a tad salty with a full savoury flavour.  

The refreshing crunchy of thin slices of spring onions and leek between random mouthfuls of ramen helped to cut the richness nicely, adding a reality check to this 600g ramen fantasy.

Menya Musashi
Bedok Mall (other outlets available)
Tel: 6844 9373

Chew On This: Though the 5x portion is ordered, this restaurant cleverly serves a 3x portion before giving the diner the remaining 2x once the 3x is finished. Besides preventing food waste if the diner is unable to finish the full 5x, this also ensures the ramen is enjoyed while still springy instead of sitting around too long in the bowl.  

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