Friday, October 24, 2014

Wet Weather Bak Kut Teh

With the recent bouts of rain, I've seen myself leaning towards certain "wet weather food" like steamboat, porridge, kway teow soup and of course bak kut teh.

This stall in Geylang serves up a comforting brew of Malaysian-style bak kut teh. Gently herbal instead of peppery, it had heady notes of dang gui and felt fortifying enough to battle the chilly weather. Order up the Mixed Bak Kut Teh ($5.50) and get a claypot of tender pork ribs, pork liver, intestines, tau pok and lettuce in a pipping hot broth which was thick yet light.

Ok if at this point, you are wondering how many bowls of rice I had, the answer is just one.... Then it was followed by Hokkien mee, hor fun and claypot rice at other stalls along Geylang, shared with my makan buddy. Moohaha.

Hong Ji Bak Kut Teh
At the junction of Geylang Lorong 21A & Sims Ave (other outlets at Marsiling, Ang Mo Kio & Sin Ming)

Chew On This: Be sure to request for the soup to be hot when asking for a top up of soup as it usually comes from a lukewarm batch. The soup tasted so mooch better hot! #DontSayINeverTellYou

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

The Boiler Brings Seafood & Beer to Tai Seng Industrial Estate

Seafood-crazy Singaporeans seem to be lapping up the several "seafood in a bag" themed restaurants that have sprouted around the country. The latest such restaurant to hope onto the bandwagon is The Boiler.

I thought it was quite a bold move to start this restaurant in the Tai Seng industrial area but business was brisk on a weekday night when I popped by.

For a fuss-free "bao ka liao" seafood bonanza, opt for the Bombdiggity Bag ($139) which is designed for 4 adults or one very seafood-siao yao gui. Moohahaha. The bag of seafood is poured over a wax paper-covered table for a no-plate and hands-on dining experience. Yummies in this bag include air-flown Dungeness crabs, big prawns, mussels, clams, corn and Chorizo sausage.

Whole lobsters (live and from Boston) can be had for $79 each. Just pick your choice of sauce and dig in!

For something to nibble on before the mains, there's the Bacon Shrimp ($11.90) which turned out dry and didn't quite appeal to me, and the pretty tasty Louisiana Spicy Mid Joint Wings ($8.90).

I really like snacking on the Southern Chicks & Waffle ($9.90). Think crispy nuggets of chicken and waffles with a bit of maple syrup for a savoury-meets-sweet taste combination. I vote this my kinda of dessert! Moohehe.

Drinks seem to be part of the chill out dining appeal at The Boiler. Consider the Beerjito ($9.90)- a refreshing tipple and too easy to enjoy. Sort of like a semi-frozen lightly alcoholic slushy! :p

The combination of bold Southern flavours, fresh seafood and communal dining straight off the table should appeal to most people here.

I'm not the biggest seafood fan around but I think despite the various sauces (Peppa' Butter, The Works & Garlic Butter) being tasty in their own rights, I still prefer my seafood lightly seasoned. But that's just me lah.
Thanks to Carrie for hosting me.

The Boiler
18 Howard Road
#01-06 Novelty Bizcentre
Tel: 6635 1285
Opens: Sunday to Thursday, 5.30pm to 10.30pm
            Friday & Saturday, 5.30pm to 12am
Closed: Monday

Chew On This: One for Kronenbourg fans.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Team Thai Lunch

After a grueling work week, the team went for a nice Thai lunch near office. So don't mind the hurriedly taken photos from my iPhone. Moohaha.

We've been to this particular eatery a few times now and like its punchy Thai flavours. :)

The Thai Spicy Pork is my personal favourite with meaty slices of pork tossed in chilli, fish sauce and herbs. There's quite a bit of heat from the chilli after a few mouthfuls!

A table favourite, the Tom Yum Chicken pleased with its tangy, spicy soup. I feel that this one here had a bit of sweetness to it too.

To order another plate of rice, try the Green Curry Chicken with its smooth chicken pieces and creamy gravy redolent of spices. The round aubergines were tender and beckoned for (moore) rice! At this stage, our tongues were feeling the spice but we can't even be sure if it was from this curry. LOL.

As proof that it is one of the simplest yet moost comforting dish, the Pork Omelette was tasty, fluffy
and delightful to eat.

We were surrounded by Thai music, Thai people and Thai flavours. Close ones eyes and be transported to Bangkok. Then it was back to work with an international friend, food coma. Moohaha.

Buengkan Beer House
Golden Mile Complex

Chew On This: My colleagues love their iced Thai milk tea and coffee here. Containing quite a bit of milk, these drinks would be perfect to cool the heat from the chilli and spices!

Friday, October 03, 2014

Ramen Ta for 4-stomach Creatures

When I am really hungry and/or greedy (which is like moost of the time. Moohaha!) I head to Menya Musashi for a big ramen fix.

Besides springy noodles and a slab of peppery-smoky chasu, I get to opt for the 5x portion for the Tsukemen at no extra charge! That's a lovely 600g of ramen. :p

A "dry" style of ramen, the Tsukemen ($14.90) comes with a separate bowl of soup for one to dip the noodles in before slurping it up. Unlike its local cousin mee kia ta, there is no sauce or seasoning added to the ramen. The black garlic tonkatsu soup in the small bowl is creamy, rich and a tad salty with a full savoury flavour.  

The refreshing crunchy of thin slices of spring onions and leek between random mouthfuls of ramen helped to cut the richness nicely, adding a reality check to this 600g ramen fantasy.

Menya Musashi
Bedok Mall (other outlets available)
Tel: 6844 9373

Chew On This: Though the 5x portion is ordered, this restaurant cleverly serves a 3x portion before giving the diner the remaining 2x once the 3x is finished. Besides preventing food waste if the diner is unable to finish the full 5x, this also ensures the ramen is enjoyed while still springy instead of sitting around too long in the bowl.