Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Friday Dinner with the "Old Team"

It's easy to maintain friendships when everyone is in the same school, company or organisation. But when paths split, it takes moore effort to keep in touch which is why I'm thankful for catch ups like this one on a recent Friday evening.

The "old team" gathered at Set, a contemporary fusion restaurant I moost give credit to Jael for recommending (cos she really likes it when her choices turn out to be very good or better than everyone's. Moohaha).

The friendly manager Raymond took us on a casual tour around the spacious restaurant which has four private dining areas and two outdoor balconies, before sitting us down at our table

Dinner is an obligatory 6-course Set Dinner ($38.80) affair but we get to pick choices for cold dish, soup, main course and dessert.

The meal started off with a comforting Bacon & Mushroom Gratin with Homemade Toast. 

For my cold dish, I opted for the Huai Shan with Beet which I really enjoyed. Thin slices of huai shan (wild yam) were soft but with a refreshingly light crunch providing a base to the tart, sweet and earthy beet and melon mix.

The Double-boiled Chicken Soup was said to be "good for men" with herbs like dang gui in there but hor, actually I decided on it because I like double-boiled soups lah, Moohaha. And after a grueling work week, I could do with a fortifying brew,

Next came the Grilled King Oyster Mushroom. Nice meaty texture and flavour with a dab of siphoned truffle cream for a savoury boost.

My main course of Roasted Beef Tenderloin was a tad disappointing for me though the dish was by no means a flop. I think most people would take to its tender texture but as a personal preference, I prefer my beef without being treated with tenderiser (possibly bicarbonate of soda, a common beef tenderiser used locally). The pink peppercorns added a nice floral, fruity burst of gentle heat.

Desserts came in the form of Poached Pear, Pana Cotta, Creme Brulee and a Chinese-style sweet soup. 

Overall, Set was pretty good value I moost say! They're new and seem eager to please diners. Our corkage got waived when I called to book a table and made BYO enquiries. And we even got a discount off the bill. #justdiscoveredNicHedgerisacelebrity 

Hamming it up for a photo at the end of dinner cos memoories are precious. Thanks, Kherray for the group photo! 

1 Selegie Road
Tel: 6337 7644
Opens: 11.30am to 10pm daily

Chew On This: The structure and dishes on the menu reminded moo of another restaurant Tao's, which is now closed but used to be located at B1 of the same building. Raymond revealed that he and some of the staff were indeed from Tao's though Set is run by a different owner. 

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