Saturday, September 13, 2014

Bread, Egg & A Pool of Goodness

A simple fried egg, crusty baguette and a bean stew are always a good thing together.

Cue Kacang Pool ($3). This humble dish does not boast of chunks of meat nor fish but offers a comforting meal with simple ingredients. An earthy stew of beans provided a tasty pool for dipping warm, crusty baguette. Green chillies and raw onions provided a refreshing crunch while a squeeze of lime helped to cut the richness of the Kacang Pool.

A freshly fried egg added to the simple pleasures of this dish.

Mop, mop, mop it up! Moohehe.

Kacang Pool Special
Blk 4A
Eunos Crescent Market & Food Centre

Chew On This: This stall uses healthier oil and salt!

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