Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Smoky Beef Hor Fun!

I was in the Boat Quay vicinity for a work event and got a dinner recommendation from the marketing lady of The Vault. Given that time was tight, it was a great option as this eatery was just across the road from my event and her recommendation of Dry-style Beef Hor Fun sounded like a quick meal fix. 

When it arrived, I inhaled deeply. The beautiful smokey aroma made me sit up. The Dry-style Beef Hor Fun ($5.50) was like a char kway teow with beef slices which had a decent bite and well-marinated flavour, instead of cockles. Wok hei FTW!

I wished I had the foresight to upsize. Moohehe.

Golden Cafe
5B Lorong Telok
Tel: 6438 2152

Chew On This: Circular Road which leads to Lorong Telok is closed to traffic every Friday and Saturday from 5pm so take note to re-route if you are driving!

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T said...

Golden cafe has never failed me. havent been there for a while. glad the standard maintained!