Thursday, July 31, 2014

It's a wrap!

The new Lau Pa Sat (new old market oxymoron? Moohehe) seems to be teeming with life especially around the lunch hour, with queues spotted at several stalls. One of them is Mamacitas Costa Rican Cuisine. 

Intrigued, I joined this queue...

and was rewarded with a big Beef Burritos Set ($7.90). There are several add-ons eg beans, cheese, mushrooms etc but I went for avocado for an extra $1. The tortilla was heated over a gas stove for a few quick seconds before being piled with juicy strips of beef, onions, veggies, tomato salsa, wedges of creamy avocado and a few lashings of hot sauce. Nice fresh flavours!

And for moore carbs (hurray!), there was a side of rice with soft pumpkin which tasted naturally sweet.

Now to return to try the other dishes.

Mamacitas Costa Rican Cuisine
Stall 6
Lau Pa Sat

Chew On This: There is a real Costa Rican mamacita behind this stall!

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Unknown said...

Just been there.....overpriced, undercoopked and cant even wrap a Burrito properly