Tuesday, July 22, 2014


And so after moonths of sipping and studying, I'm proud to share that I've passed my first wine studies exam! Yipee! This cow is now a Certified Alcoholic Specialist of Wine, an international professional certification issued by the Society of Wine Educators, USA.

It was all pretty hard work ok. Moohehe.

Whole Saturdays burnt in Jurong attending wine classes. Thanks to John and Kok Hong for bringing some of their own stash!

Weekday nights burnt having tutorial group discussions with my awesome group mates.

One of the group study sessions happened at My Little Tapas Bar and Kok Hong really spoilt us with the tasty morsels and interesting wines. Thank you, Kok Hong!

William, my wine group tutor, also bought us some bites to accompany the wine revision on USA. But because we are locals, we stuck to our favourite local bites...so no fries, burgers, nachos and sandwiches this time. :p

To line the stomach before the onslaught of wines from 10am at Hwee Peng's Saturday classes, I discovered this good value takeaway breakfast set from Eggs & Berries. Just about $4 including coffee or tea!

Moore goodies in the form of Siew Kiang's fried wantons and ngor hiang, and Derrick's cheeses, specially brought back from Amsterdam, and bread kept both hunger and mabok-ness at bay. Thank you, Siew Kiang and Derrick!

Tears were shed.

Late night bets on knowledge diffusion were placed.

Graveyards of once full bottles were assembled.

But the CSW was a fun course. Of course, when there is drinking on the job what's not to like? Moohehe. I would strongly encourage those who have a personal interest in wines or are in the F&B line to sign up for this course. Topics covered include wine making, viticulture, wine faults, wine grape varieties, wine regions of the world and their wine laws etc etc. Hwee Peng, one of Singapore's moost well-known wine educators, from Wine Craft Marketing & Services conducts these classes and he is one who is very happy to share knowledge and experience. Good sense of humour and a local guy some more! #Singaporepride

The CSW doesn't make me a wine expert but it gives me a good foundation for moore learning to come. Big thanks to Hwee Peng, William and all my fellow batch mates for making this a wonderful experience.

Cheers to moore to come!

Certified Specialist of Wine by Wine Craft Marketing & Services

Chew On This: If you are in the F&B industry, you can get a grant of 60% off the course fees!

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