Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Damnwuhua Lobster

Many people think of Boston and Maine lobsters when it comes to the prized crustacean. Maybe even Rainbow and Australian Rock lobsters. But did you know there is also the Damnwuhua lobster?


This special lobster available at J Pot Tampines is only priced at a promotional rate of $14.90. Damnwuhua right? MOOHAHA.

It wasn't huge of course but at this price, it was pretty worth ordering. Enjoy a lobster for one person at just $15! Cook it in the hot pot to get succulent white flesh and a sweeter soup.

J Pot serves good quality of food at reasonable prices with a variety of soup bases including a few local-inspired ones like bak kut the, laksa and silky porridge. For moo, I like their herbal soup base best. Tasty thinly sliced beef and live prawns are favourite orders.

Another thing I should mention is the array of sauces for one's dipping pleasure. My personalised favourite, which I sometimes feel like skinny dipping in, seems to be a drool-worthy concoction of sesame paste, , fried and raw garlic, sesame oil, spring onions, chilli padi, chilli oil and sesame oil. 

Ok, now excuse me while I take a dip. LOL.

J Pot
Tampines 1
Tel: 6532 3536                          

Chew On This: If you don't want the Damnwuhua lobster, J Pot is also doing a Boston lobster promo at just $39.90.

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