Friday, June 27, 2014

Mrs Pho's Pho

Wandering off our usual path for lunch, the colleagues and I headed to this new pho place relatively near the office. And was rewarded with a pretty good pho lunch. :)

The Special Beef Combo Pho ($8.90) featured thin rice noodles in a light, tasty broth topped with beef balls, sliced beef and braised brisket. I like that little tenderizer, if any, was used as the beef slices had a natural bite and a good beefy flavour. The brisket was tender and tasted richer. Squeeze a fresh lime, add a dash of fish sauce and throw in some sliced red chillies for good measure. 

Fresh Spring Rolls ($3.50) boasted fresh, crisp flavours but I personally wasn't a fan of the vegetal taste of this dish.

Mooch preferred the Fried Spring Rolls ($3) which were crispy on the outside and moist inside.

Oh yes, but back to my bowl of pho. What I found interesting was a separate small bowl of soup with an egg served together with my pho. It was a simple addition but one that added a comforting touch. Soft boiled egg lovers, you know what I mean! Moohehe

The place is quite small and office folks have already discovered this spot for lunch but it is well worth cramping for. Walk by the nondescript frontage and you might just miss this eatery.

349 Beach Road 
Tel: 6292 0018
Opens: 11am to 10pm Mondays to Saturdays

Chew On This: The "Mrs Pho" in the kitchen is a Vietnamese. ;)

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