Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Curry Rice with Plenty of Oomph

On moo way to wine class, I swung by Maxwell Hawker Centre for a quick dinner to line the stomoochs. Moohehe.
And what better way to line the stomoochs then with something quick, fulfilling, substantial and absolutely delicious? Kali Perng! Hainanese Curry Rice ($3) from this stall came with slightly sticky white rice ladled on with 4 types of gravies, topped with fried pork chop and a sunny side up.
The saucy mix featured layers of complex flavours. Rich, gently spicy and coconut notes from the Hainanese curry led the way before the sweetness of the braised cabbage gravy ensued. The savoury character with hints of spices imparted by the lor bak (braised pork) gravy added an extra dimension while the tomato-sauce-based sardine gravy flecked with onion strips gave depth. Lastly, a few drops of dark soy sauce drizzled over the fried egg joined the mix.  
This is one happy soulful plate that would lift the spirit on any weary day.   
Hainanese Curry Rice
Maxwell Food Centre
Closes on Fridays & Public Holidays
Chew On This: The uncle behind this stall is pretty friendly and polite too. #givingmethelastscrapsofricedoesnotamounttobribery 

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plasterers bristol said...

yum yum pork chops, not had them in ages, thanks for sharing.