Thursday, June 12, 2014

Cow Cooks Steak for the Famooly!

It's been a while since I last cooked for the famooly so one Sunday evening, I decided to check out NTUC Finest at Bedok Mall after a yummy kway chap lunch. 

Seeing that the Culina counter at NTUC Finest was running an offer- Australian Wagyu Rump at about $4 or $5 per 100g, it was a no brainer to do a cannibalistic steak dinner. Moohehe.

A simple rub with salt and cracked black pepper followed by a quick sear on the cast iron griddle resulted in dinner. Okok, there was also boiled broccoli, grilled oyster mushrooms in beef dripping, 24-month aged Cheddar, boiled potatoes (too lazy to do anything with them! Moohehe) and a spinach salad with Momotaro tomatoes topped with a homemade mustard vinaigrette.

The beef was very, very good! Meaty, beefy and quite robust.

Alongside the steak, we also enjoyed a bottle of Chateau La Maroutine Bordeaux 2009 which we bought from DFS several months ago. Red and dark fruits with firm tannins; nice nose though finish was quite short.

Chew On This: There was no fancy table cloth or wait service but dining at home is often great value, not to mention comfortable and relaxed attire-wise! :p


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The recipe looks delicious and its mouthwatering for me. I have some beef in my freezer and I would love to try it the way you have mentioned in the post. Hoping to get it well.

K2 Subculture said...

Indeed a good way to cook some beef and get some good roasted steak for the dinner. Will be practicing on it soon according to the recipe you have written here.