Wednesday, June 04, 2014

A Dinner of Noodles & Rice Near Home

Being located near home, I like coming to the Changi Business Park area because it has Changi City Point and NTUC Xtra. Changi Business Park is pretty quiet on the weekend evenings making it a perfect place for avoiding the crowds and the long queues between me and my food. 

Loh Nam Tai, a small eatery serving Cantonese delights, turned out to be a nice spot with reasonable food.

Dumpling Noodle ($5.20) spotted 4 plump dumplings with a whole shrimp and some minced meat in each one. The noodles were springy and coated with a tasty gravy.

BBQ Pork & Wanton Noodle ($5) had the same noodles but was topped with meaty pieces of char siew and a side serving of wanton soup. The char siew was on the leaner side so I didn't feel that guilty. Because I had moore food to come. Moohehe.

The Roast Pork Rice Set ($8.20) was scrumptious. Crispy skin. Flavourful meat. Chicken-flavoured rice. Piquant chicken rice chilli.

It's a set because it came with soup.

Sweet and rather delicate, this brew of pork ribs and huai shan was soothing.

And to include some fibre for a moore balanced diet, we had a plate of Kai Lan ($3).

Will certainly come back to try the other stuff.
Loh Nam Tai
UE Biz Hub East
6 Changi Business Park Ave 1
Tel: 6538 1216
Opens: 11am - 9pm daily

Chew On This: Iced water is chargeable at 30 cents per cup! Why?!

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Jim said...

I am lucky. I ask for recommendation on what is good local food. The hotel receptionist directed me opposite to Loh Nam Tai, Famous Melecca Chicken Rice. tried their "old cucumber soup" and "wanton Mee" with roast chicken.. I must say, I am satisfied. I went again for dinner to complete other on the list.. its awesome.