Friday, June 27, 2014

Mrs Pho's Pho

Wandering off our usual path for lunch, the colleagues and I headed to this new pho place relatively near the office. And was rewarded with a pretty good pho lunch. :)

The Special Beef Combo Pho ($8.90) featured thin rice noodles in a light, tasty broth topped with beef balls, sliced beef and braised brisket. I like that little tenderizer, if any, was used as the beef slices had a natural bite and a good beefy flavour. The brisket was tender and tasted richer. Squeeze a fresh lime, add a dash of fish sauce and throw in some sliced red chillies for good measure. 

Fresh Spring Rolls ($3.50) boasted fresh, crisp flavours but I personally wasn't a fan of the vegetal taste of this dish.

Mooch preferred the Fried Spring Rolls ($3) which were crispy on the outside and moist inside.

Oh yes, but back to my bowl of pho. What I found interesting was a separate small bowl of soup with an egg served together with my pho. It was a simple addition but one that added a comforting touch. Soft boiled egg lovers, you know what I mean! Moohehe

The place is quite small and office folks have already discovered this spot for lunch but it is well worth cramping for. Walk by the nondescript frontage and you might just miss this eatery.

349 Beach Road 
Tel: 6292 0018
Opens: 11am to 10pm Mondays to Saturdays

Chew On This: The "Mrs Pho" in the kitchen is a Vietnamese. ;)

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Curry Rice with Plenty of Oomph

On moo way to wine class, I swung by Maxwell Hawker Centre for a quick dinner to line the stomoochs. Moohehe.
And what better way to line the stomoochs then with something quick, fulfilling, substantial and absolutely delicious? Kali Perng! Hainanese Curry Rice ($3) from this stall came with slightly sticky white rice ladled on with 4 types of gravies, topped with fried pork chop and a sunny side up.
The saucy mix featured layers of complex flavours. Rich, gently spicy and coconut notes from the Hainanese curry led the way before the sweetness of the braised cabbage gravy ensued. The savoury character with hints of spices imparted by the lor bak (braised pork) gravy added an extra dimension while the tomato-sauce-based sardine gravy flecked with onion strips gave depth. Lastly, a few drops of dark soy sauce drizzled over the fried egg joined the mix.  
This is one happy soulful plate that would lift the spirit on any weary day.   
Hainanese Curry Rice
Maxwell Food Centre
Closes on Fridays & Public Holidays
Chew On This: The uncle behind this stall is pretty friendly and polite too. #givingmethelastscrapsofricedoesnotamounttobribery 

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Cow Cooks Steak for the Famooly!

It's been a while since I last cooked for the famooly so one Sunday evening, I decided to check out NTUC Finest at Bedok Mall after a yummy kway chap lunch. 

Seeing that the Culina counter at NTUC Finest was running an offer- Australian Wagyu Rump at about $4 or $5 per 100g, it was a no brainer to do a cannibalistic steak dinner. Moohehe.

A simple rub with salt and cracked black pepper followed by a quick sear on the cast iron griddle resulted in dinner. Okok, there was also boiled broccoli, grilled oyster mushrooms in beef dripping, 24-month aged Cheddar, boiled potatoes (too lazy to do anything with them! Moohehe) and a spinach salad with Momotaro tomatoes topped with a homemade mustard vinaigrette.

The beef was very, very good! Meaty, beefy and quite robust.

Alongside the steak, we also enjoyed a bottle of Chateau La Maroutine Bordeaux 2009 which we bought from DFS several months ago. Red and dark fruits with firm tannins; nice nose though finish was quite short.

Chew On This: There was no fancy table cloth or wait service but dining at home is often great value, not to mention comfortable and relaxed attire-wise! :p

Wednesday, June 04, 2014

A Dinner of Noodles & Rice Near Home

Being located near home, I like coming to the Changi Business Park area because it has Changi City Point and NTUC Xtra. Changi Business Park is pretty quiet on the weekend evenings making it a perfect place for avoiding the crowds and the long queues between me and my food. 

Loh Nam Tai, a small eatery serving Cantonese delights, turned out to be a nice spot with reasonable food.

Dumpling Noodle ($5.20) spotted 4 plump dumplings with a whole shrimp and some minced meat in each one. The noodles were springy and coated with a tasty gravy.

BBQ Pork & Wanton Noodle ($5) had the same noodles but was topped with meaty pieces of char siew and a side serving of wanton soup. The char siew was on the leaner side so I didn't feel that guilty. Because I had moore food to come. Moohehe.

The Roast Pork Rice Set ($8.20) was scrumptious. Crispy skin. Flavourful meat. Chicken-flavoured rice. Piquant chicken rice chilli.

It's a set because it came with soup.

Sweet and rather delicate, this brew of pork ribs and huai shan was soothing.

And to include some fibre for a moore balanced diet, we had a plate of Kai Lan ($3).

Will certainly come back to try the other stuff.
Loh Nam Tai
UE Biz Hub East
6 Changi Business Park Ave 1
Tel: 6538 1216
Opens: 11am - 9pm daily

Chew On This: Iced water is chargeable at 30 cents per cup! Why?!