Saturday, May 31, 2014

Mum's Stir Fried Udon, My Favourite Fusion Homecooked Dish!

I recently re-lived and re-tasted a slice of my childhood when mum whipped up a big plate of fried udon. Food just taste better with that powerful flavouring called...... nostalgia. Moohehe.

What makes this fried udon dish of hers unique is that it essentially uses whatever ingredients are found in the fridge. This time, it was a medley of beef, broccoli, pumpkin and tomatoes stir fried with garlic, a hint of sesame oil, sprinkling of Western herbs and cheese. Yes, cheese. Like many Singaporeans of my generation, my sister and I grew up on square-shaped plastic wrapped slices of Kraft processed cheese. Adding this to the fried udon gave it a familiar cheesy, melty texture and a salty, savoury hit.

It all sounds rather fusion what with Western and Asian flavours but it works beautifully. To me, this is a shining example of when fusion actually works without trying too hard to be unique or different. Neither is it a random dish by simply putting two dishes together to create a novelty.

Mooch of Singapore's food heritage has fusion roots which over time becomes "authentic". Unfortunately, "fusion" has been given such a bad rep that it is now almoost a bad word.

Anyway, here's to my favourite fusion homecooked dish- mum's stir fried udon! :)

Chew On This: Not sure how mum does it but no matter what the ingredients thrown into this udon dish, it somehow tastes about the same! Moogic. Moohehe.